Angel Anael Angel of Sexuality

39 SexualityPhoto of Angel Anael Angel of Sexuality by Angel Blessing – Kimberly Marooney

Angel Anael is the angel of the love star, Venus. Anael’s proclamation, “Open, all ye gates,” is an invitation to open the petals of all your chakras and allow the energy of the Eternal to enter your body. Sexual energy and spiritual energy come from the same source. The creative power of sexuality ignites the fire of passion to fill your body with aliveness. The joy and vitality that accompany this energy connect you with your Eternal Self. Invite Angel Anael to guide you on this path of exploration until passion becomes a powerful, spiritual link combining love for yourself and love for your partner with love for God.

Be honest about your feelings and include your partner. Love is not in your mind; it is the feeling in your heart. If the passion has died out in your relationship, notice if you hold back feelings out of fear of being rejected. Openly encouraging truth can rekindle the fires of ecstasy. Be adventurous and try new things with your lover. If you have little time alone, schedule a date each week. Surprise each other with special times for sexual fantasy, finding every opportunity to be creative and romantic.

Use love and compassion as you share what is happening. If you are experiencing a powerful burst and the person you are trying to share with is not, your actions may be overwhelming or frightening. Be sensitive to others’ needs and conscious of your motives.

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