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Q. My mother had a dream the other night that someone was sitting on the cedar chest at the end of the bed and she woke up talking to them; several times throughout the night. When she couldn’t see anyone, she got spooked and sat up in the living room but feeling a presence. Maybe her guardian angel?

Dear Lynn,

When we see, hear, feel or sense our Angels near us, there is always a sense of peace, comfort, acceptance and an atmosphere of pure love around us. Our Angels connect us to the unconditional love that God has for us.

Many people have had visits from there Guardian Angels in a manner very similar to what your mother experienced. Night-time visits are common as we find ourselves naturally altering our state of consciousness when about to drop off to sleep and upon waking.

When our Angels appear to us, what is actually happening is that we are allowing ourselves to become more receptive to their presence. They are always with us, 24/7, without exception. It is encouraging to remember this. It keeps you alert to their constant offerings of assistance, grace and opportunity.

Angels never engender fear, anxiety, insecurity, or other discomforting emotions. Their glow of love for us and care is their calling card. You will always feel accepted, welcomed and loved by your Angels – we naturally feel warm and comforted by their presence.

You might want to read further about how Angels help us in the Introduction to the Nature & Purpose of Angels in the Angel messages section of this website.

Blessings and love,

Christopher Dilts

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