FAQ Praying to Angels vs God

Q. Just wondering what your method of prayer is to “the angels” as opposed to God is. Or are the angels carrying out God’s answers ? Thanks for your help… -John

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you.

The Angels are aspects of God that we can more easily relate to and serve God in transmitting God’s love and grace to us. In essence then, every request to an angel is a prayer to God subject to the very same considerations. An answer from an Angel is always also an answer from God.

I suggest that you look at the beginning sections of some of the Angel Messages for some samples of how I call upon the Angels and ask them for assistance – which, from my experience is really the same process, and directed to the same ultimate source, as is a prayer to God. The Angels are “Messengers of God” and carry the message to us on all levels – word, thought, feeling, emotion, physical sensation, vibration and radiation.

Best Wishes,



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