Special Invocations and Blessings created just for your event!

Christopher will create a special invocation just for your group to accomplish your goals of creating an uplifting, positive, and unifying launch for your event, meeting, conference or convention. Christopher will prepare the invocation for you and deliver it personally or provide you with invocation to use yourself. Invocations may be as simple as 2-5 minute conference opening (see example below) or may include more segments such as audience energizers, relevant inspirations, related humor and uplifting anecdotes, or preparations and segues to your keynote presentation.

The invocation below was created for a large annual conference of The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP.) NIGP is a national, membership-based non-profit organization providing support to professionals in the public sector purchasing profession. Christopher gave this invocation for approximately 1,400 NIGP members at their annual national convention in Anaheim, CA:

Conference Opening Invocation

Before we begin our invocation, I would like you take one moment and become conscious of your own highest purpose for coming here. Let one thought, phrase, word or image, form, hold onto it and let it act as a polestar for you during the conference.

Let us take a moment to clear our minds and focus our attention on our purpose for being here.

Let us unify ourselves in spirit we begin this conference.

Oh Infinite Spirit!
Recharge my body with Conscious Healing Energy!
Recharge my mind with Concentration and Determination
Recharge my Soul with Ever-new Joy.

Oh Infinite Spirit!
Guide me in my service to preserve the public trust
Guide my mind in making the best decisions
Guide my heart in following truth
Guide my intuition to direct my awareness
Guide my awareness to right action at all times

Oh Infinite Spirit!
Bless my work at this conference
Help me to learn and master the new tools I am given,
Help me to bring the new strategies I learn here into reality
Help me to adopt the very Best Practices 
Help deepen and improve my relationships with my colleagues here

Oh Infinite Spirit!
Help me to be in touch at all times with deep meaning and importance of this work for the public good
Help me to realize the privilege and opportunity of public service
Guide me and protect in all my decisions, speech and actions
Bless and be with me now and always.

Thank you all and my blessings and best wishes for powerful and meaningful conference!

Want an Angel Invocation just for YOUR EVENT?

Have Christopher do an Angel Invocation at your event:

Christopher has done invocations and openings at scores of events, ranging from small gatherings to large events with thousands of people. Participants remark on the beautiful energy that fills the room when he calls upon the Angels. Many years of practice make the invocations he does in person truly awesome! Contact us for details.

“Christopher performed the Opening and Closing Invocations for our monthly gathering. Having his presence there added a deep, connective energy to our group…his ability to invite the Angels to be present made a profound effect on everyone present.” Josie Zappia, CMT

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