Angel Invocations Depression/Happiness

Below is an invocation to the Angel of Depression created by Angel intuitive and specialist, Christopher James Dilts.

Calling upon Angels is a practice that spans all major spiritual traditions and has proven itself effective for thousands of years. Today huge numbers of people are rediscovering the full power of having the proverbial “Angel in their corner.”

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Angel of Depression / Happiness Invocation

This morning I invoke the Angel of Depression
who is also the Angel of Happiness.
This Angel fully understands that these dual aspects
of our experiences are truly unified in the underlying
and over-lighting presence of our love within and around us.

Beloved and blessed Angel I call upon you for enlightenment,
for wisdom, for revelation of the Divine purpose of depression.Beloved Angel I ask you to lay the path of this labyrinth before us.

Beloved Angel I ask that you show each step through this labyrinth to us.

Beloved Angel, bless us with your grace with your Divine love,
with your complete patience, with your complete acceptance, with your total care for us.

Angel of depression, guide us, show us, reveal to us all that is hidden and unseen.
Beloved Angel show us the light and the spiritual gold in this aspect of our shadow self.

Beloved Angel, help us to embrace the wisdom and strength and power and goodness and connection to the Holy Spirit that lives within our shadow selves.

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“The Angel Invocation Christopher sent me for my birthday was in many ways the best gift I’ve received. The insight and care in the invocation touched my heart deeply and the words were a perfect blessing for my life right now. The Angel blessings carried through an amazing birthday celebration that lasted all weekend, but there’s no need to stop there. I’m going to receive those blessings for the rest of my life!”
-A. George

“When you call upon Angels we do not come from somewhere else to be with you; we are present with you always and eternally. It is not really the way it is represented in paintings of Angels descending from heaven to you. When you call upon us, what is really happening is that you are calling upon your own awareness, perceptions, and consciousness to be receptive to us. Be aware that your level of belief in us does not determine our willingness or our power to work with you. Even if you have only a glimmering of belief, if you ask for help you shall receive it.”
-The Archangels