Crown Root Chakra Meditation with Christopher Dilts…

Here is a simple crown root charka meditation for you to strengthen and balance your charkas.

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor (or sit in your usual meditation position,) your back upright, and your hands turned upward on your lap.
  2. Begin a gentle three-part breathing technique. First breathe into your belly, completely relaxing your belly and allowing it to expand. Then breathe into your abdomen, allowing it to expand. Then breathe into the top of your lungs, allowing full expansion. Pause for a count of three while your lungs are full of air. Breathe out from the top of your lungs, from your abdomen, and from your belly and pause for a count of three before you breathe in again. Repeat this breathing pattern for two to five minutes, allowing you to relax. Let this deep, gentle breathing pattern relax your body, relax your nervous system and calm your mind.
  3. Sense your root chakra at the base of your spine, moving down your legs, through the soles of your feet and deep into the earth. Remember that your root chakra is built for this. It has its own intelligence, and when released, it will seek to connect to the center of the earth of its own root chakra meditation
  4. Continue the three-part breathing technique. Now breathe up through your root chakra, allowing your breath to carry all of the goodness that nourishes and refreshes you, up from the earth through your root chakra and into your body.
  5. Began to also breathe into your crown chakra, drawing inspiration, grace, intelligence and vision down from the heavens. Continue breathing in from your root, breathing into your crown, and allow your breath to gently begin to focus upon your heart chakra.
  6. Center your awareness in your heart chakra. As you breathe in from your root and crown, allow your breath to carry the energy of the earth and the energy of the heavens into your heart. Continue this 3-part breathing and allow your heart to fill with this love and energy. Intend that your heart become filled and eventually overflowing with what you draw from the heavens above and from the earth below. Know that you are deeply connected to heaven and earth, and that all is supporting you and flowing through you.
  7. Ask now that your Higher Self/Soul/Spirit help you to see the next step on your path to greater awakening. Invoke your Higher Self to help you to send out a magnetic wave of attraction. This wave will move out from you like ripples across a pond – arranging and attracting people, resources, places and synchronicities that are perfectly attuned to your next place of consciousness.
  8. Release all expectation of how this help will come. In place of expectation, choose deep receptivity. Allow a shift in your perceptions so that what you see, hear, feel and know shifts more into alignment with the truth that God intends good for you. By allowing your perceptions to shift, you will see these good opportunities, rather than pass them by. Be aware that sometimes the greatest opportunities come first in the form of the mustard seed, rather than the mountain. Truly it is the power of your seed thoughts and seed intentions that will grow most strongly – for they are infused with the ability to channel the powers of heaven and earth for your benefit.

This process, with practice, can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes. It is recommended that you do it each morning and, if possible, each evening before going to sleep. Experiment with it. Try this process for 21 days and notice the results. Keep a brief journal, especially noticing the shifts in your perceptions. You will see the people around you differently, the opportunities around you will expand, the difficulties will diminish and you will find yourself much more able to harness the powers of heaven and earth for expressing your own growth and goodness.

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