Accepting Grace From the Angel of Grace

Introduction to Accepting Grace

Accepting Grace

I’ve been meditating this morning and chanting and praying with the full intention that all of these prayers, all of the grace that is flowing to me, be given unto my mother for her healing, for her restoration. I have called upon her higher self, her soul self, to awaken more completely, to become receptive to the divine grace of heaven for her and to become more receptive to the love the Angels send to her.

Angel Message

“This dedication of prayers to another, this dedication of the grace that we receive to another, flows freely from us when we have the pure intention of giving grace, giving love, giving blessing with nothing of ego mixed with it or attached to it. This intention, this alignment of our own will for the benefit of another to receive grace, is a powerful healing practice. The non-attachment to any personal agenda, the non-attachment to any goal, the non-attachment to any expectation or outcome for another, leaves the grace that flows through us pure: beneficent, benevolent, of full measure, of pure, unadulterated grace given to another.

This practice of praying for another is, of course, an established tradition throughout all the spiritual practices, all of the religions of the world. Yet, the healing and transformative power of your prayer for another may be increased many-fold. When you drop any agenda of your own ego, any identification from your personality with what you think is best for another, when you abandon all of the “shoulds, woulds, coulds, ought to’s and if onlys,” in regard to another, then you enter deep, potent and transformative potential for the person you are praying for.

When you see yourself as able to give grace freely with no expectation, with no hidden agenda, with no either implied or implicit contract that you shall receive something back in return, then you become a pure, clear vessel of healing grace, of healing light, of healing love and of illumination. When you allow yourself to be as the sun and to shine with warmth, love, and grace, to shower your love in all directions and all places without condition, just as the sun warms and illuminates and shines upon us without condition, then you pass the grace of heaven to another.

The divine aspects of the human body, the human mind, the human heart, the soul and the spirit are designed as vessels for grace and for love. The ability to radiate love as the sun radiates warmth and light is inherent in every human being. This being human, at its’ core, at the heart of the being, is the same capability to shine forth with love, with warmth, with affection, with respect, with honoring, with warm regard given freely to another.

The flow of grace and love that we are able to give to another is determined by our own beliefs. Nothing more. Our beliefs, our thoughts and our perceptions determine how much, in what capacity, in what way, and what “flavor” of grace we are able to receive and pass to another. What we will not receive for ourselves is very difficult to give to another. If you see yourself as a vessel that allows the pouring in of love and light and illumination and higher consciousness and best intention, you will be able to fill yourself with these. If you feel yourself unworthy of these, undeserving of these, if you carry a story of a victim as your biography, if you blame others, if you give over the responsibility to others for your own capacity as a vessel, then you greatly diminish the amount of grace that your vessel may receive.

We will deal with three aspects of your being that determine the quantity and the quality of grace that you are able to receive: Mind, Heart and Grounded-ness.

Number One: Your Mind

Your mind sits either as an open passage, like the neck of a bottle, or as a cork which stops the flow into the bottle. An open, gentle, kind and receptive mind creates a funnel above the bottle that grace may shower upon, be collected, flow into the body, flow into the mind, flow into the heart, flow into the chakras, flow into every system and organ of the body. Flow into every place within the body. Flow into even the space between every atom, between every proton, electron, between every particle of matter that floats in the configuration of the body, filling every space within you with love and with grace. A mind closed by criticisms, by judgments, by self-righteousness in any form, by superiority in any form, by over-identification with your own perceptions, beliefs and ideas of how things ought to be, closes the receptivity of your vessel just as a cork jammed into the neck of a bottle closes the bottle. No new grace or wisdom may enter.

Allow your beliefs to be present. Simple honesty, simple self-understanding, simple self-acceptance of your present beliefs is all that is necessary to dislodge them and to remove the cork from the bottle. As you remove this cork, grace itself heals the problems inherent in the cork. As you detach from these beliefs, expectations and perceptions that block grace, grace naturally moves to them. Simple willingness, simple honesty, simply increasing your awareness of the present conditions of your beliefs is all that is necessary to loosen the cork enough for grace to lubricate it for removal.

You are ever in a state of flux with the quantity and quality of grace that you are receiving. This is natural and normal. It reflects the quality of consciousness that you are in from moment to moment. This is an inherent ability within you. This is your free will. Your will to choose higher consciousness, your will to choose ever-higher expressions of love. Your will for your own soul alignment with creation. Nothing in creation denies any measure of grace for you. Nothing of God denies any measure of grace for you. Nothing is withheld of heaven for you. Nothing.

This is the power of your free will, your ability to choose and your discretion. Choosing heaven opens your vessel to receive heaven. Choosing false belief, choosing limitation, choosing constraint, choosing lack, choosing in reality what is any form of fear, constricts the opening of your vessel. These constrictions are your false beliefs. The ideas of limitation and lack and victim-hood.

This flow of grace is vital to your health, to your well-being, and to your spiritual evolution. When this grace is constricted to too great a degree, disease results. Discomfort results. Harsh and difficult circumstances result. Relationships become burdens, become filled with difficulties, become hostile, move into war with one another. This is true on all levels. Whether this war be in thoughts, in words, psychological, verbal or physical. The need to compete, to grab something from another, to defend from another, is primarily rooted in a lack of the flow of grace.

This warring goes on within the self. It does not even require another for the battle to be engaged. Certainly you are very familiar with this within yourself. Major decisions, life choices, relationship choices, all of these may at times war within you. And yet the way of grace is the way of peace, the way of plenty, the way of abundance, the way of kindness, the way of generosity, the way of love and the showering of love without limitation upon all around you.

This is the place of heaven: when you are filled with love and true generosity and able to give to those around you the exact and perfect measure and form of love in each moment. This is the way of heaven. This is being in heaven.

Number Two: The Heart

The heart is given as a divine vessel of love, a chalice to be filled with love from the heavens. The path of the heart is that of the open chalice: filled and ever-overflowing with the flow of grace and love and benevolence. It is by its nature pure generosity, pure innocence, a pure receptive vehicle for the love of God to both enter and flow freely.

The way of the heart is a simple path into love. The simple journey to the ever-deepening experience of love. The heart knows no limit other than what the mind casts around it. It knows no border other than those that the mind subscribes to. It knows no country. It knows no reason to withhold from another the love that flows so freely to and through it.

The limitation around the heart is defined by the mind and the consciousness that the mind carries. The degree of trust and mistrust present sets a border like that of a national boundary with check points and inspections and treaties regarding what shall pass in and what shall pass out. Of course, discretion of time and place and circumstance is vitally important. But be quite clear and quite careful in your discernment of what circumstances will be perfectly suited to the open and giving heart. Look beneath the surface. Look beneath your fears. Look beneath your history and your life story and find the truth of what is possible to express in the present moment and present circumstances. Check carefully and see if you are not overly identifying with past places of fear, with stories of the mind, with stories from television, from movies, from books, basically thought forms that are shadows of the past, ghosts that are not your own and yet haunt your thoughts.

In examining these conditions around your heart you will find many false perceptions. You will find many old, unnecessary fences for your defense. You will find that you have a much greater capacity and a much greater opportunity than you believed. This is the nature of embracing the heart. This is the nature of embracing the heart as a vessel for receiving and expressing divine love…the love of the heavens, the love of Creator for creation. This love is unlimited. It is unbounded. It is never diminished by the giving of it to another. No less than you would diminish the sea by taking a cup of water from it, can you diminish the love of heavens by giving a cup of it to another. Nothing within you is diminished. Nothing whatsoever is lessened within you by this giving. For your heart held open more than refills, for it overflows and overflows and overflows.

We wish to stress that the heart is never diminished. It is never damaged or lessened in any way by allowing the flow of grace to move through it and to be given to another. There is no possibility whatsoever of the heart being harmed when it is in this place of being and giving.

This stirs thoughts within the mind of how violence has been committed by one person upon another. The spirit of giving seemed present and clear. These thoughts are simply like ghosts that haunt your mind, create fear, and cause contraction of the heart. Allow the heart to guide the mind. Allow the mind to work like the headlights of a car. The headlights of the car do not determine either the destination or the route traveled to reach it. The driver determines these, the driver being a metaphor for your higher consciousness. Your higher consciousness steers the vehicle, determines the destination, chooses the way. The heart itself is this vehicle, used either to reach ever-deeper receptivity for love, or ever-expanding capacity to give love. Just as the driver of the vehicle decides the route and determines the way through perception, our higher consciousness determines the way of our heart.

The mind and the interplay of the perceptions may either be narrow headlight beams in the dark of night, illuminating only narrow spaces in unfamiliar and even scary territory. Or the perceptions may be open as they are driving in a car on a spring day across a beautiful landscape to reach a lovely destination ahead. A destination where you will meet those whom you love and those who love you. A journey to celebration of togetherness and of being in joy and happiness and generosity towards one another.

This metaphor is directly applicable to the nature of your mind and the consciousness it carries. Again we are stressing the relationship between the mind and the heart. For the heart either leads the mind or the mind leads the heart. One has reins upon the other. Think this through. And that really is said in humor, because it is much more effective for you to feel and experience this through. For in thinking it through, the mind reigns the heart. In experiencing and feeling it through, the heart reigns the mind.

The heart when it contains the mind, forms a chalice for grace. A golden chalice that is open and receptive to grace with the jewel of the mind imbedded within it for divine illumination, divine awareness, and divine perception of where and when to allow the flow of grace. This is the expanded form of human consciousness and human being-ness.

The mind within the heart, like the jewel within the chalice, opens to the receptivity of grace in the exact measure, quality, and quantity that serves the present circumstances. This is the power of alignment with heaven. This is the ability to carry heaven through to every circumstance, to every place, to every person in your life.

We wish to assure you that this is constant and unchanging throughout your life. Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. Regardless of the conditions. Regardless of your companions. There is no exception to this. Never.

It is impossible for this to be otherwise. What condition of heaven, what condition of Creator, would negate this? It runs contrary to the very nature of heaven. It runs contrary to the truth of love. There is no place, person, thing or circumstance which is not surrounded by the opportunity for love, and is not surrounded by the opportunity to open to greater receptivity and expression of love.

It is the ever-deepening experience of heaven, of being in heaven, of living and expressing heaven, that we speak to you about. Your heart is the vessel of heaven. A vessel, both in the sense that it is receptive and open to be filled with heaven, and in the sense that it moves as a vessel upon the seas of heaven. It carries you to your chosen destinations in the manners and the ways that you direct, either consciously or unconsciously.

You will return to again and again to this interplay of the mind and the heart, in service and in devotion. It will assist you and help you find whatever ways serve you to move your consciousness to the center of your heart, and your heart to the center of your soul.

Number Three: Your Root Chakra

Your Connection to the Earth, the Degree to Which You are Grounded, Solid and Present Upon the Earth – This is often referred to as your root chakra or your earth star, and is the degree of this rooted-ness that you carry in your body, the degree of connection to the earth that you feel and allow.

Being well grounded is essential for all that we are conveying to you in this message. This is how you anchor the grace within your body. Becoming more grounded allows you to more easily unravel the misperceptions of fear that you carry. The fears of survival. The fears of lack. The fears that cause beliefs and thoughts related to your physical survival and well-being. These are carried in deep and unconscious places within you. They account for the compulsion of consumption and of attachment to materials far in excess of what your body requires for health and happiness and well-being.

Certainly, you may find people around you who are never satisfied for more than a brief time with whatever material acquisitions they possess. Certainly, within yourself you can find this unquenchable desire for more, for bigger, for better. Most of this is so simple that you will find it hard to accept. Most of this is simple fear of losing your body, which leads to the need to protect it. There are massive defenses around it that feed unreasonable, irrational and immeasurable need.

And yet at the same time the forms of art that most often appeal to you express freedom, lightness of being, joy, and unfettered expansive being-ness. All of this lightness of being requires virtually no possessions.

We are offering this as a simple form of contrast to help you be clear about what your well-being requires. We are not suggesting some minimalist form of survival that diminishes your ability to create, to express, to be in a powerfully creative and expansive form of expressing your gifts. We are simply calling upon you to enter ever more clarified consciousness about your motivations, your intentions, your direction, whatever it is your will to be.

We are simply suggesting that you look at what will liberate you from unconscious and irrational desires, compulsions and impulses. Would you not be better served by a walk, a hike, a bicycle ride, a swim, or some other physical engagement than you would acquiring another material possession? Is there not some place of deep joy and appreciation that you would find in a form of dance, a form of physical activity, something that you would do with your hands, than you would by acquiring some other material possession? Than you would by putting yet another brick, yet another stone in the wall of your defenses against irrational and unconscious fears?

The simple way is usually the most potent and powerful. A walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, or simple time in your garden are more powerful ways for you to enter into more of heaven than any material possession you may acquire.

This is a place for you to be very real with yourself. Again, will the unconscious needs, desires and fears of the body reign the mind, or will the mind reign these desires and fears?

We stress discretion and discernment here. For it is not for the mind to rule the body itself, but to simply examine the motivations and the desires of the body, the interpretation that the mind gives the desires and motives of the body. We are not in any way suggesting that the mind rule the body. We are suggesting a greater awareness of the interplay between mind and body. We are suggesting that you sort through what you have identified with the desires of the body. You are living in an extremely consumption-oriented society and time. The images, words, and music that you choose to expose yourself to are very often designed to trigger your fears and desires, both unconsciously and consciously. They are designed to have you identify the natural and spontaneous creative energies and desires of your body with things that you would acquire and consume. Things that you would buy from another. We simply ask that you be willing to examine the wiring between your mind and your body. What is presently connected to what within you? What thoughts and images arise and are attached to bodily responses. All of the television, movies, magazines, books, and media that you consume carries implicit or explicit connection possibilities. Mind and appetite. Mind and sexual impulse. Mind and food and survival impulses.

This vessel of your consciousness is intended to be pure, completely and totally your own. It is not intended to be subverted, commandeered, undermined, or manipulated by another for the other’s needs and purposes. This has become so present around you in your society that it is often difficult for you to realize the degree and the magnitude of the influence it has upon you. Again, we return to your perceptions. Again, we return to what is both in your perceptive field and what flows around it. Again, we will use the metaphor of a car and the driver, and ask you to be clear about what you encounter on the roadway. Is your focus upon a beautiful and unfolding natural landscape? Is your focus upon steering your vehicle towards that? To places with beautiful sunrises, beautiful mid-days, beautiful sunsets and evenings that contain love, peace, generosity, acceptance, benevolence, kindness and love? Or is it a landscape littered with unfulfilled desires? Crammed full of billboards that provoke wants and needs that are not your own? This acceptance of another’s perceptions, or their ability to influence your own, is not the way of the sovereign being. It is not the way of one who chooses free will. It is not the way of one who chooses to express their own creativity. It is not the way of one who recognizes the gifts within and opens those gifts to the benevolence of heaven.

It is not the way of one who carries the seeds to the garden and allows the sun, the wind, and the rain, and the soil, and the earth to do their part. We assure you that your own true seed of creation is within you. It is not outside of you. There is no need to go outside of you for this seed. This expression of the gifts within you will be met by heaven. This is the covenant between you and Creator. That what you carry – the highest aspects of yourself and of your soul – will come into full fruition. It is only a matter of time. And time is without end for you and for your soul. It is without end for you in your soul. Without end. Without limitation.

This clarification of unconscious motive, desire, need, opens the unconscious compulsions and impulses. It releases and liberates you from what would draw your focus from within you to something outside of yourself. This is a simple and powerful practice of becoming ever more grounded, ever more present, ever more aligned with the truth within you, with the truth of creation, and with your place of balance and harmony within it.

This way of the body entering heaven is both simple and profound. For the body cannot leave heaven by any means, by any road, other than where your mind and consciousness would steer it to leave. You are the driver of your vehicle. Drive to heaven, drive to hell, your choice, your discretion, your ability as a being of free will. And yet we wish to stress that even some hell that you would drive to exists also surrounded, and even infused, with heaven. For the hell that you would drive to is a place of your own creation, within your own consciousness, within your own perceptive field. It is like a single storm cloud: small, constrained and furious, in a beautiful sky. All around it a wonderful open landscape, and everyone else around it wondering what the purpose and intention of that single stormy, furious cloud could be. You create this storm cloud in your own consciousness. The degree and the magnitude completely determined by you.

We wish to stress that hell is truly an illusion that you both create and enter on your own. Heaven creates no hell. This is the place you make for yourself.

These three aspects, mind in concert with divine mind, heart in concert with the expression of heaven, body in concert with earth and heaven as one, is the goal, the objective, the purpose of this message. We wish you to have full understanding that all of creation moves you to this place. All of creation is at your service as you choose to accept and embrace it to carry you to this place of heaven on earth, this place of heaven and earth as one.

The blessings of all of the angels are upon you for this. The blessings of all of the beings of light and love that illuminate this path to heaven are upon you. Choose wisely. Place the mind, like a jewel, within the chalice of the heart. Place the chalice upon the earth in full knowledge that there is no separation of earth and heaven. Call to you all of the power and the grace of the heavens to assist and help you in becoming this yourself and you will receive exactly what will serve you in your next step to heaven.

The full blessings of creation are given unto you. Be simple and clear in receiving at your full capacity to do so. Acknowledge and bless yourself in this. In completion, be fully aware that the way to heaven is always open to you. Always accessible to you. Always embracing your journey into a deeper place of being in heaven. Blessings and grace be with you upon your journey.”

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