From the Archangels


I will begin with the nature of our guardian angels. Every one of us, as long as we are in our human form, and in our human body, has one or more angels with us at all times. In many years of working with individuals to help them come into closer contact with their guardian angels I have experienced that they are present for each and every one of us.

…I am going to shift my speech now and am becoming attuned to angelic realm, and speaking on their behalf, allowing them to present the information on guardian angels and the purpose and nature of angels that will be most useful to those who wish to have a deeper connection with them.


Oh, angels, be with me, oh, angels, help me to be open and to be receptive to your divine dispensation of information, of vibration, of color, of the sound of sacred words, and above all of the vibrations of love that you carry and the light that you carry.

Oh, angels of heaven, be with me, Metatron be with me, Metatron, Metatron, Metatron. Oh, Gabriel, be with me, Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. Oh, Raphael, be with me, Raphael, Raphael, Raphael. Oh, Uriel, be with me, Uriel, Uriel, Uriel. Oh, Sandalphon, be with me, Sandalphon, Sandalphon, Sandalphon. Oh, guardian angels, be with me, guardian angels be with me.

Angel Message

“We are given unto you as gifts of God, gifts of Creator, we are the expression of Creator in a form that you may more easily access and experience. We are given unto you to help carry you onto God, to help carry you into the love of God, to help carry you into the expression of the love within you.

Above all, we are given unto you for the expression of your soul. The true, deep, and complete expression of your soul. We have been with you from before your birth, from before your conception, when you were a soul in the splendor of heaven. We were with you at the time that you chose what gifts you would carry, what gifts you would carry to the earth, what gifts you would bring upon the earth, what gifts you would share with others upon the earth.

Your soul in pure form is pure light, pure love, pure joy. The gifts that you have chosen to embody, and carry, and to bring into full fruition upon the earth, are those very gifts that bring you joy, that bring you wonder, that bring you excitement, that bring you into a natural place of buoyancy, of excitement, of the joy of sharing.

There is a jewel nature to your soul. The jewel of your soul. The quality, the nature, the shape, the tones and the colors, the very vibration, the very emanations of this jewel reflect your soul nature, and the gifts that in this lifetime you have chosen to embody. We amplify the jewel nature of your soul. We amplify the highest, purest, truest emanations of your soul which are in alignment with Creator and with creation. We amplify your ability to connect with the gifts that you carry within you. We work with you to open your willingness to experience your own gifts within, to see and know them as pure expressions of love, to hold them, both sacred and true, and pure, and yet to share them with no holding. With no reservation. With no concern of how they are accepted. We stress this last part, that you have no concern, that you have no expectation, that you have no demand upon those whom you give your gifts to.

We will discuss the nature of true giving. For the degree to which you are able to engage in pure giving, is the exact degree that you are able to receive in pure receiving. It is our intention to shower the gifts of heaven upon you. For you are entitled to them. You most certainly deserve them. It is not the intention of the angels, it is not the intention of Creator whom we serve, to withhold anything from you in the expression of your pure joy of being, in your expression of the sharing of the gifts of your soul, and the expression of the sharing of your being.

We ask you to look upon the heavens above you, seeing the moon, the planets, the stars, the endless and infinite galaxies of stars; all of this creation revolves in order that the soul be expressed in pure and true form. All of this has been given upon you. And yet, all of this has been given upon every soul in form.

Realize that whatever limitations of consciousness you currently carry, that reality is infinite. God is infinite. Our abilities, the abilities of the angels, are truly infinite. We withhold nothing from you. Creator withholds nothing from you in your role of true creation as a being of love, and of light, and of compassion, of caring and of devotion to what you have come upon the earth to express.

We are completely outside of your ideas of limitation. Your ideas of limitation of any kind. We are not limited by time, or space, or place or amount.

It is vital that you understand this. As you call upon us to assist you and work with you and help you, there is no diminishing of our energy, of our ability, of our presence. There is no diminishing. We are given unto the people of the earth to serve, to assist, to guide, to arrange, to partner with. We have no other reason for existence. Please take this in and know that you are our full occupation. We do not have another day job or other responsibilities, that you call us from when you call upon us. We exist solely for this purpose of serving the evolution of your soul. This purpose extends beyond the lifetime you are experiencing now. It extends from the time your consciousness first came into being, was first born from the heart of God. It extends beyond the time when you completely return to the heart of God. However many lifetimes, however many places, however many stages of consciousness and being you move through, we are your constant companions. Constant.

This particular material of the last few paragraphs will lead to more advanced material that will be elaborated upon in later messages. We are asking you to just be aware that this will evolve into an intermediate and an advanced section of materials, so we will note this as we proceed – we are in a more advanced mode of communication at the moment.

Let us return to complete this introductory material. In the introductory material we shall not go into the subject of past lives and future lives. We shall stick with the point that we have been with you from before your birth and before your conception. We were with you when you were in your pure soul form.

As a soul you were conscious of the heavens, of the earth, and of what you could carry upon the earth. You chose a selection of gifts that fit your composition as a soul, that fit the abilities that would come easily to you, that fit what would make your being, what would make your heart, sing; what would make you joyful, blissful, what would make the sharing of your gifts the greatest pleasure that you could experience on the earth. Your soul emanations then began to call to you all that would be needed for you to come into physical form in this manner. The angels around you assisted greatly in this for we are the builders of form, the builders of creation. We are both the thought forms and the hands of Creator that work at the place of intersection between heaven and earth, between spirit and matter, between inspiration and form.

We are given upon you that we may assist you in bringing into form the very essence of your soul. The angelic realm extends from the Throne of Creator to the very center of the earth. From the highest vibrations of love of light, to the densest vibrations in the cores of planets and the stars. We extend across this entire range of vibration. From the angels on high who carry the pure thought and pure consciousness and pure love of Creator to the angels of form, the elemental angels, sometimes known as the devas, who are within the soil of the earth who work with the creation of flowers and plants and trees. Many, many cultures and folklores are aware of the Elementals, for they are the ones who produce your flowers, your fruits, your vegetables, who hold the sacred form of the trees and plants. They work within every cell of living life. They are the arrangers of electrons and protons and neutrons, of atoms. They are present between the spaces of the subatomic particles.

We want you to realize that your body, which feels so solid, is primarily space and energy. The amount of actual physical matter in your body, if it were to be compressed to the utmost density, that at the core of your earth, which is far from utmost, (for example, the pressures that exist in a black hole,) but for the purpose of illustration, if we were to compress the physical matter in your body to the degree of compression that exists in the center of a planet, the amount of physical matter that you carry would not even be the size of the head of a pencil tip — so what is the rest of you? Energy, space.

We are giving this illustration for you to realize that within your form, within even the form of your body, exist angels, busy and at work, under the command of whatever your current awareness dictates.

We want you to be aware that angels exist from the most high and exalted levels of heaven through the densest and most exalted forms of matter. We wish you to know that at this level there is no separation of heaven and earth, no separation of Creator and creation. No separation exists. The only separators are what are present in your consciousness where you disallow the expression of love, where you disallow the presence of love. The spaces between your very particles of being, the electrons, the neutrons, the protons, the subatomic particles, the quarks, the elementals of your being, are very, very small pieces that rest in the sea of your consciousness, so much energy and so much space between the physical matter there, and yet here is where the energy of your consciousness resides. Here is where you allow or disallow the light and love of creation to be the sea of being that you are.

We wish you to know that the nature, the quality, the presence, the essence in the sea of your being is determined solely by your consciousness. We come to you to help you realize your soul nature, your true nature, the beauty, the magnificence, the nobility of your soul nature.

We want you to be aware of your original choice for this lifetime. We wish you to know that your choice was sanctioned by Creator. Your choice was sanctioned by the angelic realm. We wish you to know that the choices you made were in total and pure alignment with Creator. The choices of your soul were blessed and a covenant was given upon you, the covenant of Creator to you, to supply you with all that you need to find and to continue to express the gifts of your soul. This is an evolutionary process. There is not one expression that ends this, there is not one expression that begins this. There is a continuing evolution of expression. Know that Creator, and all who serve Creator, are fully with you in this.

Again, we return to the state of your consciousness. We wish you to know that angels are in total service to you in your present condition. In your present level of consciousness. In the exact moment of your life you find yourself in right now. We carry no judgments. We carry no criticisms. We carry not even expectations for you. We make no decisions about when to help you and when not to help you. We have no free will in this matter. We do not make decisions about helping or not helping you. That is not our role. We are not created in a configuration of choice or judgment. We are beyond any concept of judgment. We do not judge.

We express the will of Creator in a form and in a manner that you can easily connect with, that you can access for all that you need in the present moment. This remains true moment to moment throughout your lifetime. We never evaluate you are good or bad. We never give or withhold based upon any concept of good or bad. There is no withholding of any kind within our realm. We give infinitely, completely, eternally to you. All we do is to give eternally. Please realize as deeply as you are able – that the grace we carry to you, that the gifts we carry to you, that the love and the loving presence we carry to you is not dependent upon your behavior. It is not dependent upon your past. It is not dependent upon you doing anything in this moment, other than receiving it.

We shine upon you as the sun shines upon every plant, every tree, every shrub, withholding nothing. The sun does not judge this plant worthy and this plant unworthy and shine only upon one. We wish you to fully and completely realize that our love in infinite, that our gifts are infinite, that our presence is infinite and given upon you exactly as you are in this moment. There is nothing that you need do to receive this, there is nothing you need accomplish to receive this, there is no redemption you need to achieve to receive this, there is nothing you need do except to attain the consciousness of receiving.

And this, which we have just labeled attainment, is merely nothing more than letting go of all beliefs of limitation, of lack, of critical evaluation, of judgment. For, while we are not free will beings and are given completely unto you, you, however, are a free will being.

It is very important that you realize that your choices are fully honored. Your choices are completely respected. We do not force anything upon you, we cannot force anything upon you. Even a blessing that is so important for you, so dear to your heart and so dear to your soul can only be received by you if you allow it.

We wish you to realize that for you to receive our assistance and our help you must choose this for yourself, you must invoke this within yourself, you must milk your own willingness to receive. You must ask to receive. You must be willing to receive. And yet this is all you need do, nothing more than this.

The next awareness which we wish to communicate to you is that of letting go and that of releasing.

We are going to explain a level of releasing that you may not be aware of. We wish you to begin by releasing any self -judgment, any self -criticism, any place within yourself that would feel unworthy to receive the blessings of heaven, the blessings of the angels, the blessings of Creator. We wish to stress again that all of this is freely given upon you, freely given. There is no withholding in heaven, there is only withholding within your individual consciousness. We ask you to be quite sensitive as you consider this. Quite sensitive to both your awareness, your thoughts, the sensations of your body.

We wish you to realize that your body can be an excellent guide as you comb through your awareness for places of withholding, for places of the refusal of the gifts of heaven. You may note that there are places of discomfort, of agitation, places where you can sense and recognize fears and anxieties within your body. Perhaps in your belly, below your navel, just between your navel and your heart, the level of your heart, the level of your throat, your forehead, any place within you, to know that these are guides to your places of withholding. We wish you to know that in this releasing and in this letting go that we have a role there to help and assist you.

We wish you to know that we work both individually as angels and in teams with you. Just as you would have a team of doctors at hospital for an operation, a lead surgeon, supporting surgeons, trained and experienced nurses, the entire spectrum of what you would encounter is formulated into teams of angels with the exact qualities, gifts, emanations, vibrations, awarenesses to allow you to accomplish this step of your evolution. The configurations of these teams are in exact relationship to the current composition of your consciousness, and the current composition of your physical body, of your awareness, and of your soul nature. Great care is given unto you in this configuration of the angels around you. We wish you to know that you may rely upon the divine expertise of this team that is given upon you.

In this releasing, and letting go, we wish you to be aware that there are two parts to this: The first is your conscious choosing, your conscious will to release a place of refusal of the gifts of heaven.

The two parts: The first is the calling upon the angels for help and assistance. The invocation of the presence of the angels. The expression of this wish for help and assistance. Calling upon an angel, calling upon all angels to help you. Something a simple as, “I ask for the presence of any and all angels to help and assist me. I ask that all the angels of light and love come to me and help me in this moment. I know that I am loved, I ask that this love be present and be full and clear for me.”

The asking is a vitally important step, the first step. The second step is realizing that this team of angels around you has expertise, ability, knowledge, capability beyond your awareness.

The second part is turning over to the angels what part is theirs to do with you. Again, this is very much like taking a car into an automotive shop where you trust the mechanics, you trust their ethics, you know that they have a relationship with you, you are good friends, there is a caring and a warmth and a warm regard you share with one another. You have confidence in their abilities; you know that their abilities exceed your own in these areas, that there are teams of people within their facility that can handle the repair and the correction of any issue that your car contains. You know that they have supply and distribution networks to bring any part to your vehicle that their reach extends to the necessary places to provide everything to properly service your car. There is a point where you turn over the keys, where you sign the repair order, and allow them to take over. We wish you to be aware that this is the same process for healing your physical body, for healing your heart, for healing your emotions, for healing your mental aspects, for healing the thought forms within your mind.

It is the same process for healing anything which interferes with the pure and true expression of your soul. It is the same process for healing anything that hinders the expression of your gifts. It is the same process for healing anything interfering with the full expression or your soul in form.

The level of giving over unto the angels reflects the exact level of support and help that they may offer you in return. That same level where they may engage you in repairing any part of you in need of tender, loving care. This is true for any physical disorder that you carry, it is true for any heartache or heart pain, it is true for any residual pain you carry from any physical, emotional or psychological wound in your life. It is true for all that ails you. We wish you to know that it is what ails you that determines how well you may express your pure being. The angels are given upon you to help you heal, to help you recover, to help you attain the pure expression of your soul.

Pay close and careful attention to the places within yourself where you are able to turn them over in the same manner in turning over your car for repair. And bring no judgment to this process. Bring no judgment to whatever level of acceptance or refusal you find within yourself. There is no good or bad here. There is no grading of your place of awareness. There is no passing. There is no failing. There is only love and acceptance for you as you are.

In turning over your issue or your problem to the angels, there are two parts here as well. You will be aware of which part is yours, which things you must do or need do to accomplish your piece of this process. Everything else, and we wish to really stress everything else, both what you are aware of and what you are not aware of, you may give over to the angels, knowing that teams of them shall be engaged in repairing places within your physical body and helping with the cells that make healing, rebalancing, and a return to homeostasis, a return to well- being. Knowing that every place within you physically will be attended to by teams of angels specifically comprised for the very issues that need healing, very particular to you, very special to the exact circumstances of your being in the moment. Allowing these teams to do their work brings to you healing beyond your imagination, for it is truly beyond you, and you do link in to all of the healing and creative resources of the heavens, of creation.

The power of this for transformation is complete. It is total. It is without limit.

We are with you always and eternally. When you call upon us we do not come from somewhere else to now be with you. It is really not the way you may be imaging. It is not really the way it is represented in paintings or picture of angels descending from heaven to you. We do not come from somewhere else to be with you. That is a more primitive understanding of the process. It is one whose time has come for you to drop.

We are present with you always and eternally. When you call upon us what is really happening is you are calling upon your own awareness, your own perceptions, your own consciousness to be receptive to us. Your prayers, your invocations, your meditations accomplish a shift in your own awareness, a shift in your own being, that allow you to experience our presence. We want to assure you that not only do we not go away from you to some other place, but that there is no other place. There is no other place for us to go to. We are ever-present in the being of God, which is everywhere and in all places simultaneously. Please realize that this is almost a humorous concept that we could go away from you, for there is no away from you. There is no away from God. There is no away from heaven. There is only away in your own consciousness. There is only separation in your own consciousness.

Truly, heaven and earth are one. And this is your evolution of being in heaven upon earth. Being in your own sole’s expression of heaven upon earth. We are fully supportive of you in this. We are completely and totally without reservation committed to you. And, again, there is not even a question of commitment on our part, for commitment implies a decision, it implies a choice. We are beyond choice, we are beyond decision, we are beyond even commitment. We are simply in being, we are simply in love, we are simply in love with you.

Some practical activities for you to assist you in coming into greater places of awareness, greater places of connection with us: First, relaxation, quiet, calm and tranquility are most helpful. A quiet time of meditation, either sequestered somewhere where you are comfortable, safe and beyond interruption, or some place in nature, under trees, near some a stream, near a river; this is really your own choice of where you feel you would be most receptive. Trust your instincts, trust your impressions and your intuition about receptive places for you and follow your own knowing in this. In this quiet place simply begin to call upon our presence, noting any sensations that you receive. Any sensations of tingling, any sensations of feeling, any colors, tones, hues, any feelings that are clearly beyond your ordinary sense of feeling. Just gradually allow your receptivity and your sensitivity to grow. Have no expectation around performance in this matter. This is not something you approach from a place of accomplishing in Three Easy Steps, or the Ten Minute Connection with Angels Program, or any mental concept that would dictate how you proceed.

Do trust yourself completely in this. Trust yourself as much as you are able. Trust us as much as you are able. We want you to be aware that your level of belief in us does not determine our willingness to work with you. It does not limit our power of working with you. Even if you have only a glimmering of belief, or a small amount of belief, we are able to work with you. Even if you do not mentally believe in us, even if you are uncertain about us, if you ask for the help you shall receive it.

Your belief itself can be a guide to what needs to be healed within you. Simply ask where and why do I not believe in the presence of a loving, intelligent, compassionate being who would give me all that is needed for my dreams to come true. If you ask this question the very things most in need of being healed within you will come immediately to the surface. Ask us to help you with these and be very attentive to the results that return to you.

This is a very simple process. Bring into your awareness what you believe limits your ability to live your dreams. Offer these up for help and assistance, becoming evermore clear about what part is yours to do in the process and ever more clear that the entire remaining parts have been given unto us. Simply watch for the results in your life, in your relationships, in your health, in whatever you need and require assistance for.

We are conveyers of grace, gentleness, of kindness, of sacredness, of warm regard, of warm care, of lightness of being, of buoyancy, of joy, and of love. These are our calling cards. These are how you shall know our presence. These are how you shall know us working in your life.

In complete love, in complete devotion, in complete service to you this is given upon you, the blessings of heaven, the blessings of Creator, all blessings upon you. May you receive all blessings upon you. ”

In love and devotion,
The Archangels

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