Angel of Relationship

The Angels were created by Creator to serve all of creation. It is the loving intention of Creator to provide us with guidance and assistance to realize our soul’s full capacity to love and to receive love. The word “Angel” means messenger. Angels are messengers not only of words but of sound, light, and vibration. They transmit a full spectrum of loving consciousness that is specifically designed for the human heart, mind, nervous system and body. The loving presence of the Angels bridges heaven and earth – they unify mind, body and spirit with Heaven’s love for you.

When you create a relationship with another person, a Guiding Angel is assigned to your relationship. The mission of this Guiding Angel is to help you both realize the full potential for love, for higher consciousness and to fully express the gifts that each of your souls carry.

The Angels are a loving gift of Creator to you. The gifts of your soul are your loving gifts to give to another. Your Guiding Angel understands everything about you and about the person you have chosen for this relationship. Your Angel understands your soul, your heart, your mind and your body. Your Angel understands how help you to express your gifts to another.

Your Guiding Angel holds a perfect blueprint for your relationship. This blueprint is a plan that represents the highest and deepest expression of love between the two of you. Just like an architect’s plan, your soul’s plan is complete. Yet it is up to the two of you to construct the relationship and to build it with love, awareness, care and high intention.

Your Guiding Angel can help you to understand the full potential of your relationship and to see the steps and the sequences of how to build the relationship to reach its highest expression of love. Simply call upon the Guiding Angel of your relationship. Give yourself a few moments in a quiet place to call upon this Angel and to wait, quietly and patiently, for impressions to form – these impressions will connect you to your Angel’s presence and guidance. Every call to your Angel is answered. Have patience and practice – your connection with your Angel will grow day by day.

Approach this with a very simple innocence of mind and spirit. Approach this as a child would approach making a new friend. Simple, pure, innocent intention is very powerful. Make a regular time each day for calling upon your Angel. Perhaps in the morning when you first awake or in the evening just before going to sleep. Express to your Angel your deepest desires for the presence of perfect love in your relationship.

Let your Angel guide you as to what will serve in building the relationship. Remember that the building never ends as long as the two of you are willing to continue to follow the divine plan that your Guiding Angel holds for your relationship.

Remember that your Guiding Angel brings additional energy, additional love, additional light and perspective to your relationship. Your Guiding Angel can amplify and expand your own perceptions and awareness of the vital elements and dynamics of your relationship. Your Guiding Angel can help lift into your consciousness the elements you have been unconscious of.

In every relationship there are both conscious and unconscious elements. When you set your course to experience greater love in your relationship you will meet with success and also meet with temporary failure. It becomes very important to surface the unconscious elements that take your relationship off course.

Your Guiding Angel brings tremendous love, compassion, acceptance and understanding to you and your partner. Your Guiding Angel brings connection to the unconditional love of heaven for you individually and together. When you allow the pure love of heaven to flow through you, your willingness to attend to the unconscious elements increases dramatically. Your fears of encountering difficult aspects within yourself and in your partner diminish and become manageable.

Remember there is divine purpose in every relationship. To both express the loving aspects of your souls and to uncover, understand, realize and heal the un-serving elements in your self. This opportunity for the evolution of your soul is a tremendous gift that the two of you can give to yourselves and to each other.

The love your Guiding Angel will flow to you and through you is limitless. Your Guiding Angel connects you to the pure, unconditional and boundless love that heaven has for you.

Practice calling upon your Guiding Angel. Practice quietly listening with patience. The call to your Angel is active; the listening is receptive, calm and quiet. When listening, there is no push or pull to receive guidance. It is your willingness for simple and innocent receptivity that allows you to receive the clearest impression.

Sit quietly until an impression of your guidance forms. Learn how your impressions of guidance come most easily to you. You may hear, see, feel or simply know what your Angel is transmitting to you. Trust your impressions and let them grow in clarity. Make note of them. They will grow, clear and expand with practice.

Engage your partner in this process. Keep it very simple. You can simply ask them to join you in calling upon an Angel to help with bringing success and joy to the relationship.

If your partner is not receptive to this, perform the practice yourself. You can ask your Guiding Angel to help your partner become more receptive. You need not mention the concept of your Guiding Angel in the beginning. You can simply ask your partner to join you for a few moments of quiet contemplation or meditation on the relationship. You can hold the intention for greater love, understanding and prosperity for the two of you. This is profoundly powerful and will bring many benefits. As you continue this practice, there will be a natural evolution for more openness and expansion. Have patience – let Heaven do its part!

Your Guiding Angel will work with you if you give your Angel the opportunity. Consistent practice will yield tremendous results.

Remember that your Guiding Angels are wise, efficient, and practical and are working on your behalf in every moment. Even a few minutes a day of consciously calling upon your Angel and then quietly listening will produce powerful results. Your Angels promise you that a few minutes daily of this practice will save you enormous amounts of time, energy, and needless suffering.

As your Angels help you to expand the expression of your gifts, and as they help you to surface and uncover the un-serving elements in your sub-consciousness, you relationships will become filled with ease and grace.

Welcome your Guiding Angel. Commit yourself to deepening relationship with your Guiding Angel. Allow yourself to receive this loving gift of heaven.

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