Articles About Angels

What are Angels?

What do Angels do?

Who are MY guiding Angels?

How can I connect with my Angels?

Can Angels heal me?


These are all common questions we receive about Angels. In addition to the Messages from the Angels themselves, Christopher has written several articles about Angels that help explain the purpose of Angels and how we can learn to connect with them.

You may have seen them in your local alternative newspaper or ezine… if you haven’t and would like to recommend them to the editor, you are welcome to direct them to this website or have them contact us. We’re happy to have help spreading the loving messages of the Angels. Thanks!

Articles about Angels

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Make Friends with your Angels  


Angels are Eager to Help Us!  


Asking your Angels for Help  


7 Tips to help you Connect with your Angels  


Your Relationship Angel  



“Thank you Christopher for your beautiful words of wisdom from the Angels.

No matter what I read of your writings, they always touch me right where I am and right with what I am working.”

          -Joann Turner, Editor, The Messenger magazine