Archangel Michael and Loving Relationships

Archangel Michael
  • Experience Angels
  • Learn to sense messages from your Angels
  • Connect with the inspiration of your soul
  • Deepen your intuition and expand your creativity
  • Release fear, negative thoughts, guilt, doubt, and self-criticism

Archangel Michael guides us to a place of loving, compassionate clarity. With his qualities of truth, strength and clarity, we are able to identify and release negative thoughts and energies in our relationships. Christopher Dilts, Angel intuitive and specialist, will help us connect with Archangel Michael and guide us through releasing negative attachments to the difficult aspects of our most important relationships. We will identify and release false fear-based beliefs and replace them with loving understanding, forgiveness and genuine appreciation. Archangel Michael helps us to understand the true purpose of our relationships and to stay connected to the love within them.

If you’d like more information about Archangel Michael or other events on connecting with particular Angels or Archangels, please contact us or schedule Christopher for an event today!

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