Angel Workshop – “Know Your Angels”

This Angel workshop will help you open to the Heavenly Guidance that is yours for the asking.

  • Energy Clearing
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Balance
  • Chakra Awareness
  • The Angelic Realm

Part one

The first 90 minutes of this day long Angel workshop focuses on energy clearing and mind/body/spirit balance. Christopher will introduce physical and intuitive exercises that bring awareness to the body energy centers or Chakras. Through these exercises, participants begin to regain and enjoy the ‘knowing’ that they are composed of light, love, and intelligence and that they are surrounded by an angelic realm that holds them in every moment. The Chakras affect our intuitive abilities, and with cleansing and simple guidance we can easily discern information about our deepest issues and hear the messages God and the angels have for us. In this portion of the workshop we will explore the properties of the chakras and the responsibilities they have to our psyche and physical health, and become acquainted with the Angelic realm and the specific Guardian Angels we will be contacting.

  • Direct Contact with Angels
  • Invocation
  • Divine Guidance
  • Questions & Personal Messages

Part two

The next 90 minutes of the Angel workshop is spent directly contacting our Angels. Through guided meditation, visualization and breath work people will begin to feel an energetic connection and readiness to receive their divine guidance. When participants are comfortable and open ‘in spirit,’ an invocation or prayer will be said by Christopher to ask the Angels to join us. Christopher will then begin working with the messages for the group.

If a group gathering already has a purpose, or is looking together to refine or further evolve their purpose, the Angels of the group will help to clarify intentions, inspire and deepen the growth of the community. Individuals may also ask personal questions on issues of health, income, family, employment or other and will receive answers and help from their Angels. Messages from the Angels are joyful and inspire positive insights and solutions. Angels work with God’s will and bring you messages at the right time for you to hear and understand. The information they impart is a pure gift of love, sometimes humorous, sometimes surprising, always inspiring!

The workshop will end in a blessing and prayer of loving and grateful thanks to the heavenly realm, and to all the hosts of Angels who constantly give us their care.

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