Accomplish your Goals – Realize your ambitions!

You have read all the books, watched the “Secret”, but are still not where you want to be…

Please join Christopher for clarity and guidance on how to move past the common conditions that stand between you and your dreams.

Learn how to partner with your Angels to co-create your ideal life. When you work on your intentions consciously with your Angels, you’ll create the life you were born to live with far more ease, grace, abundance and joy.

The Angels can show you how to align your intentions with your Soul Purpose and powerfully strengthen your ability to manifest your dreams in harmony with your unique gifts & abilities. Your Angels amplify the power of your innate gifts and greatly increase your attractor field – the power that magnetizes and draws your intentions to you. This increases your ability to focus with precision and power on your most important and heartfelt inspirations.

Learn how to engage your Angels to help you with the practical, day to day work of bringing your intentions to fruition. Join us for this special event to bring new levels of Angelic assistance to your creative endeavors.

“Thank you SO much for offering the ‘Manifesting with Your Angels Teleclass’. It was such a moving, inspirational and growth inspiring experience which manifested in a calm confidence that I am hoping will last and last and last. I had several visions which resonated and proved enlightening, but mostly I moved past resistance and fell into a comforting essence just as if someone turned on a switch inside of me. It was that fast and that easy. I will be utilizing your services as I spiral upward on my spiritual path as well as tell others about the value and benefit of tuning in and turning on their Angel guides. I want to thank you for awakening me to the presence and power of the Angels! I am so very blessed and very grateful.”

Bette, Philadelphia, PA

Angel Session Preparation


Every one of us, as long as we are in our human form, and in our human body, has one or more angels with us at all times. In many years of working with individuals to help them come into closer contact with their guardian angels I have experienced that they are present for each and every one of us.

Message from the Archangels

“Realize that whatever limitations of consciousness you currently carry, that reality is infinite. God is infinite. Our abilities, the abilities of the angels, are truly infinite. We withhold nothing from you. Creator withholds nothing from you in your role of true creation as a being of love, and of light, and of compassion, of caring and of devotion to what you have come upon the earth to express.

This purpose extends beyond the lifetime you are experiencing now. It extends from the time your consciousness first came into being, was first born from the heart of God. It extends beyond the time when you completely return to the heart of God. However many lifetimes, however many places, however many stages of consciousness and being you move through, we are your constant companions. Constant…”

Archangel Michael

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