Meet your Guardian Angels

  • Have you ever felt a loving presence “watching over you?”
  • Have you ever had an experience that was so filled with synchronicity that it MUST have been planned by a loving being that had your best interest in mind?
  • Do you sometimes wish for a loving, true and kind companion whose wisdom you could always trust?
  • Do you sometimes feel uncertain about your purpose? Would you like to know who is always there to help you?

Your Angels are ready, willing and able to help you!

Meet your guardian angels

Learn to connect more directly with them in this new class, “Connect with your Guardian Angels.” This class will be led by Christopher Dilts, an internationally recognized Angel expert who has a precious gift for helping people sense and connect with their Guardian Angels.

This will be much more than just an informational class. You will learn to sense, hear, see, or feel your Guardian Angels more directly and to connect with their loving presence for guidance, wisdom and support.

The class is designed to help you start – or strengthen – a life-long and ever-deepening direct relationship with your Angels. You will be invited into a kind and compassionate communion with your Angel Guides.

St. Augustine said, “Make friends with Angels.” Your Angels invite you into a Friendship that will offer you comfort, guidance, and inspiration whenever you are in need of it.

An ancient Jewish proverb says, “Over every blade of grass there is an Angel bending,saying ‘Grow, Grow!’” Now you can meet the Angels who watch over you – always urging you to grow and evolve towards fulfilling your life’s purpose with joy and passion.

All that is required of you is openness, willingness and a sincere desire to develop a greater connection with your Angels.

Join Christopher for this very special class… Limited to 12 people to allow everyone to receive personal attention – reserve your place now and enter into the New Year with the full aid and support of your Guardian Angels.

  • Learn how to discover the names of your Guardian Angels
  • Learn what qualities they bring you
  • Learn the special powers your Guardian Angels have
  • Learn how to invoke your Angels to help you
  • Learn how to feel the presence of your Angels more strongly
  • Learn what they want you to know right now

If you’d like more information about this or other events on connecting with particular Angels or Archangels, please contact us or schedule Christopher for an event today!

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