Do you find yourself wanting to change, to live your life from another perspective?
Or perhaps you’re already in the midst of a life transition and don’t know what to do next…

The newest Ask An Angel class

Got Change? Navigating Life Transitions with your Angels

might be just what you need. If you want help finding your truest path, your Angels will help you return to your soul’s purpose with power and clarity.

Navigating Life Changes With Your Angels

Your Guardian Angels know you inside and out and hold your perfect form as God created you. When you’re going through a transitional period in your life, there is no better resource to help guide you through the challenges you encounter on the path to your most fulfilling life.

This class will help you see your past habits, belief systems, and negative thought patterns with more clarity. You’ll see perfection in how your past experiences have delivered you to this point of readiness for positive change.

Changing unhealthy relationships is often part of life transitions; as you integrate higher aspects of yourself, old patterns are uplifted. In this class, you’ll learn to read others much more accurately and engage their higher aspects rather than their lower self, so you can evolve your relationships with more grace.

In this class

  • Know the difference between mind-chatter and real guidance
  • Be grateful for your past experiences as stepping stones
  • Evolve unhealthy relationships and uplift old patterns
  • Get real, practical help from your Angels to plan your future

Throughout the class, you’ll sense hope and excitement for your future, as the Angels illumine your mind to reveal your path to a more joyful, creative life. A powerful meditation process will guide you deep within your heart to connect more deeply and consciously to your unique soul essence. Sharing these gifts with the world in a new way will bring more fulfillment than you previously thought possible.

Join us for this ground-breaking new class and re-discover YOUR truest path!

If you’d like more information about this or other events on connecting with particular Angels or Archangels, please contact us or schedule Christopher for an event today!

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