How Angels bring us into Unity w/our Spiritual Community

Angels are the universal language of love and unity. They are the messengers of God’s love, and have unlimited abilities to bring grace, healing, and blessings to everyone. We simply must call on them and learn to be ever more receptive to their assistance.

  • Experience the universal and unconditional love of Angels
  • Learn how to call upon Angels and receive their help
  • Work with the Angels of your spiritual community to create more harmony and resolve interpersonal differences
  • Shift your perceptions into greater unity, grace & Divine Order
  • Let your Angels help you see your soul agreements more clearly
  • Clear limiting beliefs and work with your Angels to create your ideal life

During this special experience with Christopher Dilts, an internationally recognized Angel Intuitive with over a decade of experience, we will call upon the presiding Angels of your church. Christopher will teach the congregation to connect directly with the Angels, for a very heart-warming, inspiring blessing dedicated to the Unity of your church.

With the Angels present, we will practice seeing each other in our Angelic light. This will help us to see beyond differences into the greater unity of our Godly presence…the true church of the heart and soul that transcends the walls we have built.

We will strengthen our bonds with our own Higher selves, our close relationships, our spiritual family, and our greater community. Spiritual evolution is a purifying process, which is often gained through reflection from our loved ones. An important part of participating in a spiritual group is the opportunity for sacred relationship. Angels bring our soul agreements with one another into healing, wholeness, love and unity. They also help keep the process of purification safe, meaningful, useful, practical and help us to truly complete with old patterns and establish Godly relationships.

If you’d like more information about this or other events on connecting with particular Angels or Archangels, please contact us or schedule Christopher for an event today!

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