Touched by Angels

Meditation, study lead Torrance native to new lifestyle

Christopher Dilts didn’t set out to communicate with angels. All he wanted was a brief reprieve from his 100-hour-a-week job as a software entrepreneur. “It was the typical high-tech, go-go lifestyle,” said Dilts, a Torrance, California native. “I sold my business and planned an escape from corporate life. I thought I’d take three months off.

Those three months turned into a permanent hiatus, a spiritual quest and a new career. For the past nine years, Dilts has worked as an “angel intuitive” who teaches people to recognize and accept the aid of angels. Working with groups or individuals, he uses guided meditations to inspire relaxation and an awareness of a connection with the divine.

You don’t have to believe in them for it to work,” he said. “You just have to ask for help and be open-minded and receptive enough to recognize it when it comes.

When Dilts took leave from his corporate life, he hoped to “balance out his brain” by delving into spiritual studies. He explored yoga and began meditating regularly, sometimes for two or three hours a day. He traveled the country, spending time with healers and Christian mystics. He began a five-year divinity program to become ordained as a minister. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, the angels appeared.

I had no real interest in even finding out about angels,” said Dilts, 46. “I’m a big believer in science and would pooh-pooh the concept of angels. But after a few years of teaching a meditation group, I felt the presence of archangel Michael. I began to have more and more concrete experiences of angels helping me and people around me. I’d see the results in their lives and they’d tell me how problems have been resolved. I don’t even have one doubt in myself about it at this point.

People of all cultures and religious traditions have called on angels for help throughout history, Dilts said, and loving guidance is available to all who ask. “Angels are aspects of the Creator,” he said. “They’re given to us to help us connect with our own spirit.”

Josie Zappia, a certified Reiki massage therapist in Redondo Beach

California, first met Dilts at an angel workshop in Palos Verdes earlier this year, a meeting that inspired her to seek private sessions with him.  “I had some cool angel experiences,” she said. “If you’re open to it, you can feel the shift in energy in the room. He’s not a psychic or anything. He helps a person connect with their own innate wisdom to heal themselves.”

Dilts typical starts a workshop with an invocation, inviting the presence of angels. Then he guides participants through a series of meditations in which they may be asked to imagine putting their fears and worries into a basket and handing it over to an angel, or picture themselves as a “divine child.” By the close of the two-hour event, participants seem relaxed and look like they know each other a little better.

Dilts acknowledges that the concept of communicating with angels is a bit “out there” for some people, but he attributes that to our empirical-proof culture and mysterious nature of God.

We have as much chance of understanding God’s plan with the angels as a dog does of understanding calculus,” he said. What it’s really about is connecting to a feeling of love and belonging, he said.

The way we know we’re becoming receptive to angels is we will begin to feel a sense of love, of acceptance and respect. It will feel very positive,” Dilts said. “Angels only offer us love and complete acceptance, so we begin to feel secure and comfortable and part of something bigger than ourselves.” He admits imagination plays a role. “It’s more than imagination,” he said. “It may guide you a few steps along the journey, yet it’s up to you to take the steps.

“Since attending Dilts’ workshop last year she’s been more receptive to angel messages. “He has a lovely energy. You just kind of trust him and he allows people to get into that space where they’re open to receiving,” she said. “I think he’s the real deal. He doesn’t want anything other than for you to be happy and connected.”

Krista Arthur-Magidson, a spiritual counselor in Torrance

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