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Over the Christmas holidays my friend’s elderly mother, Lupita, visited her daughter, Gloria, for about 10 days. Lupita has cancer and is receiving medical treatment. One Sunday after Church, I visited Gloria and her family. Lupita was in bed covered with a quilt, yet very cold and shaking. She had dark circles beneath her eyes and was weak. I greeted her and spoke to her briefly in Spanish and asked if I could cover her with an another blanket. In doing, I closed my eyes and placed my right hand on the top of her head to give silent prayer of healing. In that moment, I sensed a being of an elderly woman, somewhat floating, over Lupita’s right shoulder at the top of the bed. She had beautiful white hair in a bun style and soft eyes. The woman looked and then turned her eyes downward and smiled shyly. She then faded quickly.

Shortly afterwards, Lupita came outside to sit in the sun and visit with other family members. Days later, I hesitantly told Gloria of this and described the woman. She stated that matched the description of her grandmother, on her father’s side. Lupita was married to her husband for several years. He had become stricken with alzheimers and Lupita cared for him until his passing some time ago.

I have not told Lupita this. I would like to ask if the angel was there to comfort her pain in return for the care she gave her son and if the cancer will be completely removed from her physical being?

Since I was a child, I rarely tell people of what I sense, feel or see as it tends to “freak” them out. Although my immediate family is aware, they still are hesitant to believe me, even when no explaination is available.

Thank you for your help,


In Summary: The Angels do not judge us when we request their help. They do not keep score and grant more grace to one or another based upon their behavior or past actions.

Dear Sandra,

The Angels do help us and answer every request we make. Angels can also make it easier to hear, feel or sense the spirit of our loved ones who have crossed over. The Angels create an atmosphere of love, acceptance and grace around us and this builds a bridge of love to all our relations – past, present and future. The Angels exist outside of our sense of time and place and unify all time and space in their infinite perspective.

About Lupita, her care for her husband, and her cancer:

Whenever we care for another with love and kindness, our soul comes more into it’s true expression within us. Our hearts, and chakras (energy centers,) open and we become more receptive to the help and assistance of the Angels. Her loving kindness towards her husband, and to the many others she gave this kindness to during her life, does allow her to be more easily helped by grace and by the Angels. This is because she is more receptive to it, not because the Angels are giving her ‘more’ than they would otherwise.

The Angels do not judge us when we request their help. They do not keep score and grant more grace to one or another based upon their behavior or past actions. They are like the sun and shine fully on every person who requests their help. They offer us the full and unconditional love and grace of heaven. In their wisdom they know that each person experiences grace in accordance with the degree to which their consciousness is anchored in love or fear. Our consciousness is In other words, they know that we limit ourselves – they have reason or interest to limit the flow of love and grace to us.

Cancer, at it’s most basic level, is simply misinformation. Cells reproduce not in accordance with the intelligent order of our spirit, but with the disorder and chaos of disease and fear. Angels bring divine order to chaos and bring truth where false information has been held. You can ask the Angels to help Lupita, and talk to her about her consciously asking them as well. I am asking now that millions of tiny Angels move through her body, through her cells, to bring light, order and the truth of love to every place where disorder reigns. You and Lupita can do the same with positive effect. As you do this, remember to ask that the cause of cancer speak clearly and give you it’s message. When you hear what it has to say, it’s need to be present will be lessened. Have patience with this process and be willing to repeat it and listen again for message of the cancer. After listening, affirm the truth of love, the truth of Creator’s love for Lupita, and replace everyplace that was filled with misinformation with the pure light and love the Angels bring. This simply done by choosing it, affirming it, and going foreword with it as truth.

About your intuitive gifts:

Your ability to sense as you do is gift – a very precious gift. Part of honoring such a gift is taking care of how you give it to others. Rarely will another understand the details of our spiritual, or mystic experiences. Nor should we expect them to since they are a form of what I call a “Divine Prescription” prepared specifically for us.

Try acting in accordance with the loving information you receive rather than relating the details of your experience or vision. Use simple language, engage in kind and caring actions, and simply shine with the love you know is present around your friends and family. They will receive the love, caring and wisdom you hold for them simply by your being with them and gently acting in accordance with what you know to be true.

In this way, you will not need to explain anything to your relations nor will they be confronted with your experiences that challenge their beliefs.

Very gently, and with great compassion for your self, ask yourself what is your full intention (both conscious and unconscious) in relating details of your spiritual experiences to them. Be willing to admit to your self whatever you find there. Be very caring and non-judgmental with what you find and remember that your own inner child, and your own childhood, live within you and may need some special care and tending by your wiser, more mature, and more understanding adult self.

While we all intend love and grace for our relations, we also will find places of immaturity, childhood wounds and unfulfilled desires for their love, acceptance and the desire we all have to feel special and loved for who we are.

Your Angels truly encourage you to fully embrace your gifts and trust your intuition! They also ask that you continue to refine your understanding and use of it in very practical, simple ways.

Archangel Michael is very strong and present with a loving light of clarity, truth and strength for you – remember to call upon him to help yourself be a clear vessel receiving intuitive insight.

Angel Blessings to you,

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