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I have been looking for a job for a few months now and no success. How and where can I finally find the job that I need to start working toward my financial freedom, and not depend on others so much?



Dear Tacko,

When I ask about your job search and ask your Angels for help on your behalf, I feel the presence of three Angels with you. Do you ask daily, then quietly listen and sense for your Angels response? They are encouraging you to learn to quiet your mind, calm your body, slow your thoughts and to listen for them in space between your thoughts. Wait patiently for a while in simple, innocent silence after asking for their help. The three Angels near you are helping you even now.

Please see “7 Steps to help you connect with your Angels” at How to Connect with Your Angels for assistance with this. Also, review the website for other information that will help you attune more deeply to the presence of your Angels.

Remember that your ideal work is work that is in harmony with the gifts of your soul – the very qualities and abilities that you chose as soul to bring into being in this lifetime. These gifts and abilities are the very things that bring joy to you engage in them and share them with others. Your Angels can help you remember and reconnect with your soul attributes and strengthen your clarity about their true meaning and value.

Your Angels do their best to arrange opportunities for you that are in harmony with your soul and to guide you to them. It is your soul itself that creates and attracts the opportunities and your Angels work to help you find them and embrace them. You can strengthen the magnetic attraction of your soul by calling upon your Angels for help and then using the following affirmation process:

Remember some of the very good things that have come to you in your life. With genuine appreciation and gratitude for these things, re-create the feelings, thoughts, emotions and senses of the good experiences. Fill your mind, body and spirit with these appreciative thoughts and energies, then direct your intention forward – intend to create new, wonderful opportunities for your self.

Here is a simple affirmation that your Angels suggest you use 3 times every day:

  • I am a magnet for happy work,
  • I attract wonderful opportunities to myself every day.

Say this affirmation 3 times out loud, 3 times in whisper, then 3 times silently to yourself. Repeat this practice 2-3 times a day and be sure to start with the process appreciation and gratitude described above.

Your Angels also recommend that you get a copy of the book, “What Color Is Your Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters …” by Richard Nelson Bolles. Yes, they do get this specific!

Follow this book as though it is your bible. There is a good position waiting for you that you will truly appreciate and where you will truly be appreciated.

Best Wishes and All Angel Blessings!

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