September Free Newsletter

On September 22nd, 2004 the season will shift from summer to fall and from Archangel Uriel, presiding angel of summer, to Archangel Michael who presides over the season of Fall. Michael, the loving angel of truth, gently guides us into the clarity of fall where we can fully appreciate the fruits of our work’s harvest and begin to prepare for our next course of action.

He helps us clarify what is living, growing, expanding and bearing fruit in our lives from that which is falling away. Michael helps us bring love, compassion, understanding, appreciation and peace to those people, places and things who will be passing from our daily lives. He helps us to fully appreciate the bounty of the summer season and to also appreciate the wisdom of God and the Angels for allowing last season’s leaves to begin to fall.

Take a moment to call upon Archangel Michael to bring the divine light of loving truth to your understanding of the shift of seasons that is underway within you and around you. What is waxing and what is waning? What are you welcoming and what are you wishing farewell? Michael encourages us to embrace these changes as God’s grace and love being made manifest in our lives. He strengthens our courage to let go of the past and to follow our soul’s call to move ever more deeply into the loving consciousness of Creator and Creation.

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