An Angel For Anna eBook Review

  • Connecting with angels involves practicing prayer and gratitude, which always foster the integration of body, mind, and spirit. This book invokes positivity and gratitude from prayerful meditation and draws upon a legitimate foundation of both spirit and science, which can lead to extraordinary healing.

    Larry Dorsey, M.D. Author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words
  • This book is a bright light for children to learn how to align with angelic presence.

    Gary Quinn best-selling author of Living in The Spiritual Zone and An Angel Forever
  • This book is a treasure chest for young and old alike. The story inspires the imagination to light the way towards hope and happiness in our own lives and provides us with a gentle introduction to the magical angelic energies in this incredible universe.

    Dorothy Newey Pauldor Creative and Positive Thinking

Angel Healing Sessions,  Angel Teleclasses  and Angel Event Testimonials

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What is it like to work with Christopher to connect and partner more deeply with your Angels?

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What people are saying about ANGEL SESSIONS:

  • I’m super excited for my friend to experience an angelic guided coaching session with you! She is so special to me and I wish for the most amazing and love filled life for her. I’ll be sending payment for her session tonight. Thank you in advance for all your love, passion & compassion. Your Angel Sessions and teleconference calls have been some of the greatest gifts for me in my life!

    T.H. San Diego
  • Thank you so much for the last session, which was again so inspiring and comforting. Every time after our sessions I feel so grounded and well in my body and peaceful in my mind. I would very much like to stay in regular contact with you in form of angel sessions every one or two weeks for a longer span of time, since I notice the strong positive influence of my sessions on my private and professional life. And I also know, that growth takes time and goes step by step.

    Dr. Katrin Edelmann Germany
  • The two Angel Sessions we’ve had have been miraculous! The healing soothing, uplifting comfort I continue to experience as result of the sessions are a testimony to your gift of channeling Divine Love.

    Jane Smith
  • Dear Christopher, Thank you for an incredible session. Your compassion, sensitivity and sense of humor in delivering my message was truly insightful, amazing, and given with love. It all really made sense when I looked very deep within me. We all have the power to go inside of ourselves but sometimes we don’t feel safe doing it. I thank you for providing a safe place to go and to guide me. I look forward to working with you again and you truly are a gifted angel. We are all blessed by your guidance, wisdom, and knowledge.

    Susan Little
  • Over the past ten plus years, I’ve been participating in Christopher’s Angel Sessions via Telecalls & been working with him doing one-on-one Divine Angel Coaching Sessions. I am eternally grateful to have Christopher in my life! His Spiritual Counseling has guided me through some of the most difficult and challenging times in my life, healing those hurts through learning and gaining understanding of my soul’s life purpose. I continue to gain clarity, wisdom and peace in my heart through the Angelic guidance from Christopher, empowering me with practices & knowledge for my highest good and the highest good of the Universe! Christopher’s heart and soul is overflowing with love and wisdom. He Counsels with a divine brilliance that resonates with me and encourages my life. I’m grateful to Christopher and his journey in becoming all that he is today... a Magnificent, Loving, Wise, Generous, Earth Angel!! His guidance, for me and so many individuals around the world, inspires growth into being all that God and our Angels wish for us, for the greatest good of all humanity! For all this and more, I am eternally grateful!! With infinite Love, Gratitude & Peace in My Heart!

    Tracie Hasse
  • Thank you! I am manifesting so much at the moment…my work with Christopher is truly paying off!!! Blessings to you all...

    Pam Gerrand
  • It’s really funny, I feel like I’ve known Christopher forever. I tell people one session with him is worth 15 years on a shrink’s couch – you just cut to the chase!!!

    Sharon W. Sherman Oaks, CA
  • My angel session with Christopher was a deep healing beyond anything I have ever experienced. I had a profound shift in my inner being and my journey and path on the planet has become so much clearer. I released anxiety and trapped pain and grief I have been carrying for a few years. Christopher has a soothing calm voice that comforted me and helped me release and let go while he called in the angels as he channeled their healing energy. His messages for me at the end of our session totally resonated with me. He has my highest recommendation for anyone searching for a highly intuitive gifted and compassionate healer.

    Susan Branch Herbalist & Energy Healer
  • Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful, spiritual and emotional session that we had together! I have been just wonderful after our work. No expectations, no worries, just fun and having a great time with everything and everyone that passes my way. I have been praying to my angels to work on another issue for me. With them always by my side, I don’t think I will have any problems. I have been recommending you to all of my friends. Thanks for such a fabulous and uplifting experience! I know I will be contacting you again for another session. You are a true ‘gift’ from God to all.

    Dee Pennsylvania
  • A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very heartfelt session you did with me two days ago. It was truly an amazing experience. I felt as though I got alot out of it. I’m so happy to know that Archangel Michael is always there for me as well as my Guardian Angels. Christopher Dilts is a treat for your Soul! You might call me a bit of a Spiritual Junky, since my teen years I have been meditation and seeking wisdom from God and my angels, I have been to dozen’s of healers in my life and in all my encounters I have never met anyone quite like Christopher. Many of us have been with an intuitive that can tell us intimate details about ourselves and the life we are living, and of course Christopher does this too. However, what sets him apart is his ability to work with our angels and personal energy field, his work makes a real and tangible difference in your in your mind and soul. You can feel the shifts he is creating and he teaches you in every session how to access this place with in and continue to work upon yourself and grow. I am so thankful to have Christopher in my life and I know you will be too, if your ready to take a leap in your spiritual growth Christopher is the healer to call.

    Marcia Frescura, Mahanraj Kaur Director, The Soul Center
  • You made me feel calm and totally relaxed. I enjoyed very much what my Angels had to say…..and it’s all good!!!!! As you said it’s as though I’ve already won the lottery!!!!!! What a wonderful thing to say. A huge thank you once again and hope to talk to you again in the future.

    Jim S. Melbourne, Australia
  • I was having a severe gall bladder attack and after my session, the pain lifted from my front right side within seconds. During the session a strong feeling of warmth and comfort came over me, alot like the way I feel when I snuggle with my babies. Then the pain left from my shoulders. I was so impressed!

    Tammy Nelson Lic. Aesthetician
  • Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the help and your kindness and support, in order for me to bring my life’s purpose into expression for the enlightenment and empowerment of humanity. I have booked 3 sessions with you, and I am very excited about this work and deepening my connection with the Angels and with Source.

    Dian Ohm
  • My Angel experience with Chris was amazing! I felt like it made my heart sing. Things are starting to happen for me.

    A. M. Systems Engineer
  • I want to share with you the feelings that I experienced in my session. I was overcome with a feeling of complete relaxation and a inner peace. I came away from the session feeling refreshed and renewed. I would tell anyone who asked… Treat yourself and make an appointment. You will very happy you did.

    Judy B. St. Louis, MO
  • Have you ever heard an angel laugh? I have, in my sessions with Chris Dilts. A compassionate and devoted healer, Chris brings through the profound and life changing messages from the Angels, together with their incredible spirit of joy, humor, and love. I am extremely grateful.

    Rebekah Edminster Singer, Ojai, California
  • There’s no doubt that my time with Chris was well worth it; the insights I was given through him touched me deeply. It was an intensely emotional, physical and spiritual healing experience for me. Will my life change? I don’t know, but I do know that I have some insight into myself that I didn’t have and a new curiosity about the angels, all of whom I wish to know better.

    Rita J. Hood Executive Director of a not-for-profit society Denver, Colorado
  • The thing that stays with me even now, is the feeling of being enfolded in Angels’ Wings and being surrounded with unconditional love. When I’m going to sleep or I’m waking up in the middle of the night, I come back to that place and it is lovely. Thank you so much! Chris is such a gentle presence.

    Claudia Frisbie Assistant Studio Director for Talking Book Publishers Denver, Colorado
  • I’ve experienced a lot of different types of healing work, but sessions with Christopher are something very special. You don’t feel like you’re being “worked on” or that someone “fixing something” for you. You are part of the process, and are guided to understand what’s happening each step of the way, and are given lots of information and suggestions for continued personal work. The most helpful thing for me was having a a recording of the Angel session to listen to the direct message from the Angels- I listen to it often, to be reminded of what I need to know personally. Christopher has such a sweet, kind, compassionate way about him, and I felt very safe with him. I’ve spent a lot of money on tapes, books, and workshops, but these three sessions have probably taught me more about energy than all of it combined.

    Fran Zabica RYT Yoga Teacher and Founder of Inner Harmony Yoga Center, San Pedro CA
  • Christopher gently guided me through healing the root of all the issues. There was no need to ask for any specifics. He had amazing insight and Angelic connection.He was kind and generous with his time. I truly felt he cared about me, and in helping me resolve my internal unrest. I forgot how genuine kindness can be renewing. He is a blessing.

    Francesca S. Massage Therapist, California
  • As a result of the session series I have done with you, I have been able, in my own quiet time, to receive understandings more clearly for my path at this time. The understandings that I receive are warm and affirming and I can “hear” them more easily. Also, My spiritual chiropractor told me last evening that she could tell in her body work on me that I had done some amazing work spiritually as it showed up in my body.

    Jane S. California
  • As a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years in private practice, I have come to the realization that individuals sometimes need an “energetic intervention” that transcends traditional therapy techniques, in order to break through blocks to their progress. Christopher Dilts is someone I’ve come to rely on, not only as a referral source for some of my clients, but I have personally experienced Christopher’s intuitive help on several occasions as well.

  • Christopher’s gentle way of working with clients engenders trust. His high level intuitive abilities allow him to then focus on core issues which clients may not have been aware of. His connections with the spiritual realms, particularly the angelic beings, allow him to channel through the healing energy that is needed in the moment. Put all this together, and you have a teacher and healer extraordinaire.

    Dr. W.L., MD Oregon
  • Christopher Dilts is a tremendous blessing. His gentle spirit and humble nature easily tunes into the Angels and brings that experience to everyone fortunate enough to avail themselves to these amazing workshops and angel sessions. I have attained a deeper connection for receiving divine assistance from the Angels, as well as, my own spiritual destiny. Christopher has turned his gifts into a powerful ministry that people from all walks of life can benefit from.

    Judith L Mundt Occupational Therapist and Holistic Fitness Practitioner, Anaheim CA
  • Thank you for your gentle angelic assistance, once again, Christopher. It seemed a sacred time you shared with me in love and light, quite outside of time.

    Maryann Moon

What people are saying about ANGEL EVENTS with Christopher

  • Never having an interest in angels, I was somewhat skeptical and didn’t know what to expect. Although Christopher’s 6’6” stature and commanding presence is more reminiscent of a motivational speaker than an angel guide, this man is nothing short of magical. In this powerful, guided, 90 min. session, I went from a state of deep relaxation, (loved that I only had to lie on my back and relax!), to receiving an inspiring message about a current issue, and then finally, an out of body experience where I was in bliss, joy and one with everything. I’ve since been to several more, and each one has been a deeply profound experience. No matter where you are on your life’s path, if you are willing to let go and receive, Christopher’s gift with the angels will surely assist you in moving gracefully toward the next destination on your journey.

    Kim W. San Diego, CA
  • The Angel evening with Christopher was a beautiful experience- the words ‘harmony,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘flow,’ come to mind when I recall how appreciative all of the participants were. The class was jam-packed, but not one person left the workshop without a direct experience of their Angels. Even those who were skeptical at the beginning departed with a glow, and they told me they felt like they could go home and use the exercises Christopher offered to get centered in their daily lives. Christopher was a delight to work with from start to finish! We’d love to have him back soon.

    Teri Collette Director, Mystic Garden Center, Long Beach, California
  • Having been present for one of Christopher’s most powerful “Angel Gatherings,” I was equally impressed by the private session we did some weeks later before another workshop I attended. The intuitive nature of his work was revelatory, to say the least! Buthis gentleness was what caused me to make a gift of a series of sessions to my adult daughter who had been suffering with anxiety and depression. She told me that the four telephone sessions she did with Christopher were best gifts I had ever presented her. Though I regarded the details and outcome of their work as private, I do know that Christopher assisted her greatly in finding comfort with her Angelic sources. To anyone who wishes to make a meaningful gift to someone beloved, I wholeheartedly recommended the choice I made.

    Suzanne Hawley Writer, Editor, Publicist Orange, California
  • Christopher has accepted the”everyday miracle” of angels and has learned how to make that experience real for anyone who wishes to join in his beautiful meditations.

    Mike H. Retired partner from “big five” accounting firm Denver, Colorado
  • It’s been a good while since I last had the pleasure of being in your class. You are really an awesome teacher and very much appreciated for all the blessings and loving energy you send. A lot has gone on with me these last months, and I thank God for Angels, and for mentors like you. I PROMISE to be in your next class, no matter what!!!

    Aida Aldrich

What people are saying about ANGEL TELECLASSES with Christopher

  • I participate and facilitate in a lot of energy work and Christopher’s telemeditations are some of the best! This last Soulmate Angel session was so physically moving for me that my body shook and shivered in response to the healing. I have so much gratitude for Christopher, the angels and all the participants for sharing their Presence and space with the intention to radiate Love.

    Bette Hanson Teleclass participant
  • I attended the Angel Q & A teleclass and it was quite enlightening. Christopher is AMAZING and the information given to me relating to my soul mission is something that I have been seeking for a long time.

    Michelle Smith Billups Teleclass participant
  • Dear Christopher, I thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your class last night. I enjoyed it very much. There was a horde of angels around me from start to finish and I was in a very beautiful and serene place. Bless you for the that you are doing for humanity. It is very much needed at this time.

    Mette Teleclass participant
  • So many things have manifested since my very first teleclass; where I asked to live a life free of debts, for my daughter’s eczema to be gone to have the means to stay home.

    • I unexpectedly received a salary increase
    • I unexpectedly received an income tax refund
    • In a couple of weeks I will be debt free as my condo sold in a week for the asking price
    • My daughter’s skin is looking as it should, clear and clean
    Life is good! Thank you so much for your help!

    Damor Berkinshaw Teleclass participant
  • I really enjoyed the Manifesting with your Angels teleclass last evening and wanted to let you know that! I had a wonderful, clearing experience, as I always have with Christopher’s free teleseminars. This one was definitely intense for me. I really felt a HUGE release of fear and negativity last night and ended up feeling really spunky and joyful and READY for what lies ahead! Bring on the Good Stuff!!

    Joann VanHorn Lafayette, Colorado
  • Chris Dilts brings the joy of a true channel of love & acceptance. Hearing clear messages from my personal Angelic support, filled my heart to the depths of my being. Yes, Chris is truly gifted in passing the sacred.

    A. J. White Executive Hamilton, Montana
  • The equinox session last night was truly powerful and invaluable….so in the name of inspiration and positive addiction I would like to sign up for the 3 teleclass sessions on soulmates and agreements. Thank-you and Happy Spring!

  • Thank you so much Christopher for the Meet your Guardian Angels teleclass. I was so glad to be one of the 12. It was a very difficult day and afterwards I felt so calm and at peace with myself- forgiving of myself and past mistakes and open to NEW and better days ahead. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • I just wanted to thank you for amplifying such spacious grace on Saturday’s call. I felt like I was merging with Angels. As though their intelligence and vibration were permeating every cell and fiber of what I experience as being in a body…Consciousness being itself. So delicious!!! I look forward to meeting you and playing in this space of grace..

  • I was glad to have taken part in the Soul Mates seminar last Saturday. What you shared with me was precisely right. You truly are a blessing and I appreciate your sensitivity and dedication to what you do.

    Nancy Hall
  • It is with great appreciation that I share with you that following the Soul Mates class, I had a most magical Valentine’s Day filled with love, joy, phone calls, surprises and ending with a very unexpected meeting with someone that might be a potential love interest…Thanks to you for facilitating such a beautiful class, thanks to all the beautiful angels that always surround us and a special thanks to all those in the circle that shared such a loving energy…. it truly was a wonderful class as they always are, but something about this one was a little more special!

    Carol Andrews
  • The Soul Mates session was incredible and powerful and wonderful and all of those things for me. I am excited to see what begins to unfold now in my life! Thank you Christopher

  • You are so uplifting, knowledgeable, and inspirational- truly awesome and gifted! Looking forward to learning and growing more. Light and love.

  • Dear Christopher, I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all that you shared with us. The quality of energy was deeply peaceful and loving–I would say that I was in another space almost the entire time. You have such a rare and refined quality for sharing across levels and boundaries. I hope to tune in again.

    Bill G. Teleclass participant
  • Dear Christopher, Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the fantastic evening on Prosperity. I couldn’t miss the opportunity and truly felt and appreciate the full benefit of the evening. My husband also wishes to express his appreciation. His “Higher Self” truly thanks you! Thank you for being the Invitation of Love’s magnificent radiance, awareness, awakening and remembrance. It is meaningful and a true blessing to be a part of the Angel circles.

    Mariko Teleclass participant
  • Your connection with your Angels is extremely powerful. Your energy combined with mine and my connection with my Angels and the timing, is overwhelmingly potent. I have the impression and sensation that my grounding cord, root chakra and crown or core star, hara line, whatever name we call it, has been re-attached. That there was something that was not connected, and I experienced a very, very, deep and satisfying feeling between my 2nd and 3rd chakras during the release process during the class. I am still being re-calibrated, re-wired & re-integrated, I can feel the shape of the vortex over my crown tingling as I write this. Shortly after the session, a very huge, powerful presence came into my apartment. I was so wired and overwhelmed… I think it was an Archangel

    Hellen StarLake Edelstein Montreal, Qc. Canada
  • My sister and I always get so much out of the Angel Circles, even the non-interactive ones [free teleseminars]. Your voice is so hypnotic and your knowledge beyond awesome. We have continued working with the last Angel Circle (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Ariel) almost daily with great success.

  • Thank you SO much for offering the ‘Manifesting with Your Angels Teleclass’. It was such a moving, inspirational and growth inspiring experience which manifested in a calm confidence that I am hoping will last and last and last. I had several visions which resonated and proved enlightening, but mostly I moved past resistance and fell into a comforting essence just as if someone turned on a switch inside of me. It was that fast and that easy. I will be utilizing your services as I spiral upward on my spiritual path as well as tell others about the value and benefit of tuning in and turning on their Angel guides. I want to thank you for awakening me to the presence and power of the Angels! I am so very blessed and very grateful.

    Bette Philadelphia, PA
  • Every word spoken during the Intuition and the Chakras teleclass was truly appreciated and remains a guiding light.

  • You are such a blessing! The teleseminar on Chakras and Intuition was such an amazing experience. I am so looking forward to being part of your next Angel Blessing Circle.

    Debbie Berger
  • Thank you for the wonderful class last evening on Prosperity. I am so blessed to have been able to join in the class.

    Brian Calhoun
  • Thank you again for a phenomenal Power of Intuition teleclass! WOW… you’re simply the best!

  • Since I have attended the teleclasses regularly over the past several months, I feel more connected to my Self. Trust and happiness have increased. After a group session I feel refreshed, new…. with a different understanding of what is going on in my life. I can understand what is really happening from the Soul’s perspective. I found an unlimited place for healing with Christopher where there is no time and space and there are no boundaries… I feel fortunate I found someone I can trust and also someone I can count on.

    Graciela Murnik
  • During the Teleclass, my husband came into the room. He said, “What are you doing here? There are so many beings in this room. Is there a meeting here for them?” Also, the next morning I was sharing my Teleseminar experience with my son. I told him that I have many Guardian Angels. I asked my son to confirm with his Guardian Angel how many I have. (My son talks to his Angel all the time). In 10 seconds I got a response – 3: That was the same number Christopher told me. Thank you so much for what you do.

  • After being extremely anxious during the meditations [during the teleclass], the next day was terrific. My energy had settled and since then I feel my connection with the Angels and my intuition is clearer. Good things are happening. The writer’s block has evaporated for the most part. I will join your teleclasses in future, as I see great benefit in them, and you as our teacher sharing your knowledge of the angels with us.

    Dorothy N.
  • I wanted to thank you for hosting the teleclass last night. It was very powerful and I could truly feel the presence of all of my angels even into the morning. Thanks again for offering yourself to us in this way and sharing the messages of our angels.

  • Dear Christopher, Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the fantastic evening on Prosperity. I couldn’t miss the opportunity and truly felt and appreciate the full benefit of the evening. My husband also wishes to express his appreciation. His “Higher Self” truly thanks you! Thank you for being the Invitation of Love’s magnificent radiance, awareness, awakening and remembrance. It is meaningful and a true blessing to be able to be a part of the Angel circles.

  • Your connection with your Angels is extremely powerful. Your energy combined with mine and my connection with my Angels and the timing, is overwhelmingly potent. I have the impression and sensation that my grounding cord, root chakra and crown or core star, hara line, whatever name we call it, has been re-attached. That there was something that was not connected, and I experienced a very, very, deep and satisfying feeling between my 2nd and 3rd chakras during the release process during the class. I am still being re-calibrated, re-wired & re-integrated, I can feel the shape of the vortex over my crown tingling as I write this. Shortly after the session, a very huge, powerful presence came into my apartment. I was so wired and overwhelmed... I think it was an Archangel

    Hellen StarLake Edelstein Montreal, Qc. Canada
  • I just want to send you a thank you for last night’s seminar. The energy was truly beautiful and I felt lots of angelic presence. This is the third time for me that I join your group, and it is lovely every time! Thank you, it was a blessing.

  • Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity. Last night was truly awesome. From the time that you called my husband I both felt such a surge in energy around us. As if the Angels were laughing and as excited as we were! During the session their presence was strongly felt. This is a dream come true. I find that I am becoming ever more aware of their presence and I am achieving a better comprehension of what they’re communicating to me.

    A. Carol Blackburn
  • Every time I thank my angels and especially after last night’s peaceful session, I hear the whisper “we love you.”

    Vanessa Amador
  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful, loving presence, light and compassion. The timeless sacred space which was created is a gift to and from the heart and a true treasure of one’s Soul remembrance and connection to the Divine. I look forward to upcoming classes and an angel reading with you.

  • As always I came away from the teleclass with so much to digest and awe of God and the Angels. How truly blessed I feel to be aware of them and open to them. They delight me and bring such a joy to life. You carry that joy with you and share it so beautifully. You inspire us as well. Thank you Christopher from the bottom of our hearts.

    A. Carol Blackburn
  • I truly did enjoy the Teleclass with Christopher and our group. The meditation is extremely powerful and I learned so much about the heart chakra and the affects of increasing its openness. I am so grateful for this information. It is very useful and I plan incorporate it into my daily practice. I feel I could certainly benefit from have a personalized session with Christopher.

    Barbara Wood
  • Thank you Christopher! What you said had a great impact on me. What you said was simple and powerful! You have opened my heart! WITH LOVE THANK YOU!

    Lilia Huang
  • I have done the prosperity meditation we learned in the teleclass for the last month, it is very effective. My husband and I were just interviewed for national television. Thank you!

    A. Carol Blackburn
  • This will be my second class with you. The first one was about a month ago and you helped me to refocus my energy through grounding. I feel this one will help me to gain more insight using my energies for service.

    Vanessa Amador
  • Physically I feel the Angels. I became more attuned to their beloved presence after our teleclass. The physical manifestation is quite interesting. I feel a pressure or numbness in the left side of my head and tingling down my arms. I feel a circular movement of energy in my hands. Turning & throbbing. I can now use my left hand to feel the energy from things. I can “feel” if something has a good energy. I was never able to do that before!

    A. Carol Blackburn
  • Thank you for wonderful Prosperity teleconference last night. I have already noticed the energy shift this morning. I got a call from the CEO of the company I work for and he said he just wanted to thank me for the great work I have done! My husband and daughter seem to be also affected. My daughter found something she had lost on her own (no small miracle!) and my husband hinted about a having a romantic evening…Thank you again!

    Janet Morrell
  • The experience I had as a participant on the Christmas Angels teleclass was more than I had expected, anticipated, or asked for. I went in with a quiet mind and an open heart, and because of the class I was able to have a true Christmas of the heart. All of the participants shared a real quality of experience. I will definitely join Christopher for another teleclass again!

    Carol Franko
  • I am normally hesitant to work with anyone I haven’t met, especially someone I found over the internet. But there was something about the website and Christopher that kept calling to me. Since I live in Canada, I can’t attend any of Christopher’s classes in person, so I signed up for a teleclass. Surprisingly, it worked really well! It was like everyone was sitting in the same room. I was nervous before the call, but it dropped away very quickly. I’ve done a lot of spiritual work before, but the teleclass with Christopher has affected me the most. It was exactly what I needed, and came at just the right time. Thank you!

    Stephanie C. Vancouver CA
  • I thank you profusely for the peace and tranquility you provided/aid in my achieving this evening during the teleclass. This is a note of profuse thanks for providing stability and support in my nature.

  • I really appreciated being with you in the Angel Circle last night. I felt very good. I am glad I found your site and this possibility… and that I decided to join this teleclass. Thanks very much. You felt heartwarming, and I know it is right for me to do this.

  • I was really pleased with the one-on-one support I received during the Ask an Angel teleclass. I had never talked with Christopher before, but he feels like he’s someone you’ve met and have known for a while. He was very considerate to everyone on the class and communicated on an equal basis. I really enjoyed the teleclass format and found it very enriching to listen to the other people’s experiences, living in another country & situation and hear Christopher’s response to them.

    Carmen Wright
  • I want to say what a great teleclass that was Tuesday night. Christopher has never met me or spoken to me and yet, the quality of the Guardian Angels he described for me was nothing short of amazing.

  • Yesterday’s class was very nice… so good that I could not even sleep. I have so much energy!!! The name of my guardian angel came as Juan... What do you think? Thanks again for everything it was a very nice group!


What people are saying about FREE ANGEL TELESEMINARS with Christopher

  • I joined your Free Teleseminar Angel Blessing Circle last week and received such a blessing that I needed to share! From the very beginning of the call, it was such a soothing and inspirational experience. I had a long-standing pain in the middle of my back that no doctor could ever identify – there was never a reason or cause. Pain relievers never helped for long and chiropractors could not get an adjustment to hold. During the Angel Blessing Circle a soft voice told me that the pain was about to be removed and I literally felt the pain gently leave my body. I was absolutely moved to tears! Here it is a week later and I am still pain free! The beauty of the Angels come through in your voice and I am so looking forward to my upcoming Angel Session.

    Kim Darbonne
  • I just want to send you a thank you for last night’s seminar. The energy was truly beautiful and I felt lots of angelic presence. This is the third time for me that I join your group, and it is lovely every time! Thank you, it was a blessing.

  • Blessings to you also and thank you for all the fine and inspirational work that you do!!! Maybe not many can take the time to tell you but it is noticed and appreciated. People like you have a special place on earth and in heaven. Godspeed!!!

  • Thank you so much for last night’s Angel teleseminar. I was so impressed with all the energy, love and patience that you gave forth to the circle. It was a very enlightening experience for me, even though I had a cold pack on my neck and a summer cold, I felt uplifted:):)You validated several points for me and one was what the tiny Angels looked like because they have appeared to me in my dreams just before awakening. Angels are tiny glowy lights!! Thank You again and I hope to join you in an upcoming teleclass soon.

  • It is with gratitude, joy and love that I write to you today!! I joined your Angel Blessing Circle teleclass last night. A friend had emailed me yesterday with the information, and now I know that the angels guided me to take part. It was purely Divine timing that I was led to your beautiful meditation last night, and I was filled with light, radiant peace and pure bliss…and a renewed energy to open to my soul’s purpose. I have felt a profound shift in my being since taking part in your healing angel circle last night. Thank you for bringing your beautiful gifts to the world at this time…your message is timely, healing and exquisitely empowering.

    Pam Gerrand
  • It was very rewarding to be on the teleseminar Saturday; the meditations were soothing, relaxing, and opened the way for a rewarding experience of connecting with the vast presence of Angelic Hosts! I am truly grateful for the experience. Thank you! Blessings of Love, Light, and Peace,

    Sister Constance Muhammad
  • Thank you, thank you and thank you very much for the angel blessing. What I asked for I received the following two days. Would like to join you again if possible what a peaceful sensation.

  • At the last free Angel Teleseminar, I was in tears…I literally had tears streaming down my face, feeling the love of the Angels… it was such an amazing experience… the feeling was just so wonderful... amazing... thank you...

  • I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful class on Saturday. It was such a blissful experience for me.

    Lorraine M. Glasgow
  • Chris–I really enjoyed the energy of your channeling during the Free Teleseminar. I truly felt the wonderful energies! Great Work.

  • I was fortunate to have been able to be at last Tuesday’s Teleseminar. It was a truly wonderful experience and I was so impressed by Christopher’s loving warmth, patience and understanding! This was my first attendance at any of his events and I’m not sure what I was expecting. I can say I was delightfully surprised and pleased with just the sound of his voice and the energy of his being. What I liked the most about Christopher is the way he lovingly takes the time to answer each question completely, giving each person his full attention, causing them to feel worthy and validated. Thank You so much Christopher for this opportunity to more powerfully connect with my Angels! You are amazing! I believe I had an experience as a result of being at that teleseminar. Christopher helped us to do an exercise to open our hearts to the love all around us and to fill our hearts to overflowing. I awoke early the next morning with tightness in my chest that lasted all day and sort of disturbed me because I never had any symptoms like that before and I challenged myself not to be afraid. I was beginning to worry that it was my heart. Before I went to bed Wednesday night I invoked the Archangel Raphael, as Christopher had taught us to do in the seminar, and deeply requested that he heal the tightness in my chest while I was asleep. An hour or so later I woke up with a cough and as I coughed I felt the tightness ease up. I went back to sleep and when I awoke this morning (Thursday) my chest was completely clear and there was no longer a cough. I believe this whole episode could have been a positive balancing of my heart chakra as it is opening more completely because of Christopher’s guidance. Thank You so much Christopher for this opportunity to more powerfully connect with my angels! You are amazing!

    Sandra Spring
  • I attended your free class and thoroughly enjoyed my Angel experience. I actually painted an Angel while you were talking and it was the best painting I have ever made of an Angel. It truly felt inspired. My angel’s name revealed her name to be AVA of God. I felt the Angels and it is my favorite feeling. I am very excited to be able to attend your next class. You are a talented and gifted man and I appreciate your free offerings. Many Blessings to you from the Angels,

  • Dear Holistic Community, Christopher Dilts has a strong reputation in the professional world as a corporate trainer, and he enjoys an equally strong endorsement by many holistic health professionals I personally know. My wife and I took one of his teleseminars recently and we both had a great experience, but my wife’s was simply amazing; her feet early on in the meditation began to get remarkably warm, really warm, at one point she got up to do something, and the heat left. Upon her return and reconnecting into the mediation the heat came back. She also had the most intense dreams that night of communication with many people, so much so she woke up in the middle of the night asking her Angels to quiet down so she could sleep. lol. We’ve enjoyed our work with Christopher and highly encourage everyone to keep their minds open and experience his teleseminars. Blessings,

    Erik & Cata
  • Thank you again for last night. Your meditations are incredible and your messages feel like truth to me.

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