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Your invitation to experience your Angels!

Christopher Dilts will lead us in events which will offer an opportunity for a deeper experience of our Guiding Angels.

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  • Receive immediate assistance from your Angels
  • Sense messages from your Angels more clearly
  • Deepen your intuition and expand your creativity

“A group calling together upon the Angels creates a powerful call that heaven answers with love and grace.  From the event each person present carries Angelic blessing and joyful expanded consciousness into their daily lives.”

Christopher Dilts from “Ask An Angel”

With kindness, gentleness, humor and love, Christopher Dilts will lead these events in the company of Angels. He will begin each event with blessings and invocations to the Angels, followed by a short meditation and relaxation activity that helps us become more receptive to the presence of Angels.

Christopher is known for the clarity and generosity that his partnership with the Angels provides for individuals seeking personal guidance and healing from their Guiding Angels. Join us for these events, which raise consciousness and open the door to heavenly wisdom.

Learn how you can more easily partner with your Angels and how you can better access their help on a daily basis. Angels are the”Messengers of God” and are ever willing to carry us into greater grace and greater love.

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