Please join us in sharing The Angel Festival sponsored by the International Society of Angels – Christopher will be a featured keynote presenter at this event:

Angel Festival

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An Angel for Anna Children’s Book


“Connecting with angels involves practicing prayer and gratitude, which always foster the integration of body, mind, and spirit. This book invokes positivity and gratitude from prayerful meditation and draws upon a legitimate foundation of both spirit and science, which can lead to extraordinary healing.” – Larry Dorsey, M.D., Author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words

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BIG 7-Chakra Orgone Pyramid Energy Generator

This spectacular orgonite pyramid combines quartz crystal, amethyst, blue & peach aventurine, and synthetic crystals with gold leaf, metal shavings and a copper coil to conduct the energy upwards.

Buy now to experience healing of negative energy spiritually, emotionally, physically, in your surroundings, animals, and those around you. Very effective for setting Intentions and manifesting them quickly.

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Enhance your binaural beats stimulation and medition experience with this Mind Media System by MindPlace; and further develop your intuitive perception. Order yours now along with recordings by Angel Specialist and Intuitive, Christopher Dilts.

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Hand-Sculpted Glass Angel Standing

These angels are blessed by Angel Intuitive Christopher Dilts, and individually crafted in San Diego by a well known glass sculpting artist. Each angel takes 45 minutes to create, and then tips are elegantly painted in metallic gold.

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Angel Message of the Day

“We all have a Guardian Angel who is loving, kind and caring, who’ll be there when we need someone to share the load we’re bearing”

Always Remember
Love begins with you and you are surrounded by angel that love you and love all the world. Share your love and your light freely and watch it multiply. Release all judgment and simply love.

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Christopher has been leading and facilitating Ask An Angel Circles for over 20 years and has helped thousands of people form more loving, direct, clear and conscious relationships with their Angels.

You will find many effective and proven methods here to help you develop your intuitive connection with your Angels and many  resources here to help you have a deeper and more direct experience of your Angels.

Christopher created Ask An Angel to help you develop more powerful and effective relationships your Angels so that you will be better able to work with your Angels to fulfill your life purpose with joy, passion and power.

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Every person has one or more Guiding Angels helping and assisting them…2-eastgate-start angel for ask an angel

Every partnership, business, organization and relationship — also have one or more Angels that preside over offerings of grace, assistance and blessings for them. Whenever you are in need, call upon your Angels.

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