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Angel of GraceThe heart is given as a divine vessel of love, a chalice to be filled with love from the heavens. The path of the heart is that of the open chalice: filled and ever-overflowing with the flow of grace and love and benevolence. It is by nature pure generosity, pure innocence, a pure receptive vehicle for the love of God to both enter and flow out freely.

The way of the heart is a simple path into love, a simple journey to the ever-deepening experience of love. The heart knows no limit other than what the mind casts around it. It knows no border other than those that the mind subscribes to. It knows no country. It knows no reason to withhold the love that flows so freely to and through it.

The limitation around the heart is defined by the mind and the consciousness that the mind carries. The degree of trust and mistrust present sets a border like that of a national boundary, with checkpoints, inspections and treaties regarding what shall pass in and what shall pass out. Of course, discretion of time, place and circumstance is vitally important. But be quite clear and quite careful in your discernment of what circumstances will be perfectly suited to the open and giving heart. Look beneath the surface. Look beneath your fears. Look beneath your history and your life story and find the truth of what is possible to express in the present moment and circumstance. Check carefully to see if you are not over-identifying with past places of fear, with stories of the mind, with stories from television, movies, or books. All of these things are basically thought forms that are shadows of the past, ghosts that are not your own and yet haunt your thoughts.

In examining these conditions around your heart, you may find many false perceptions. You may find many old, unnecessary fences for your defense. You may find that you have a much greater capacity and a much greater opportunity than you believed. This is the nature of embracing the heart. This is the nature of embracing the heart as a vessel for receiving and expressing divine love…the love of the heavens, the love of Creator for creation. This love is unlimited. It is unbounded. It is never diminished by giving it to another. No less than you would diminish the sea by taking a cup of water from it, can you diminish the love of heavens by giving a cup of it to another. Nothing within you is diminished. Nothing whatsoever is lessened within you by this giving. For your heart held open more than refills; it overflows and overflows and overflows.

Allow the heart to guide the mind. Allow the mind to work like the headlights of a car. The headlights of the car determine neither the destination nor the route traveled to reach it. The driver determines these, the driver being a metaphor for your higher consciousness. Your higher consciousness steers the vehicle, determines the destination, and chooses the way. The heart itself is this vehicle, used to reach either an ever-deeper receptivity for love, or ever-expanding capacity to give love.

The mind and the interplay of the driver’s perceptions may either be narrow headlight beams in the dark of night, illuminating only narrow spaces in unfamiliar and even scary territory. Or the perceptions may be open, as though you are driving on a spring day across a beautiful landscape to reach a lovely destination ahead, where you will meet those whom you love and those who love you.

This metaphor is directly applicable to the nature of your mind and the consciousness it carries. Again we are stressing the relationship between the mind and the heart. For the heart either leads the mind or the mind leads the heart. One has reins upon the other. Think this through. And that really is said in humor, because it is much more effective for you to feel and experience this through. For in thinking it through, the mind reigns over the heart. In experiencing and feeling it through, the heart reigns over the mind.

The mind within the heart, opens to the receptivity of grace in the exact measure, quality, and quantity that serves the present circumstance. This is the power of alignment with heaven. This gives you the ability to carry heaven to every circumstance, place, and person in your life.

We wish to assure you that this is constant and unchanging throughout your life. Regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in. Regardless of the conditions. Regardless of your companions. There is no exception to this. Never.

It is impossible for this to be otherwise. What condition of heaven, what condition of Creator, would negate this? It runs contrary to the very nature of heaven. It runs contrary to the truth of love. There is no place, person, thing or circumstance which is not surrounded by the opportunity for love, and is not surrounded by the opportunity to open to greater receptivity and expression of love.

It is the ever-deepening experience of heaven, of being in heaven, of living and expressing heaven, that we speak to you about. You will return again and again to this interplay of the mind and the heart, in service and in devotion. It will assist you and help you find whatever ways serve you to move your consciousness to the center of your heart, and your heart to the center of your soul.

*This the 2nd part of the complete message from the Angel of Grace, which deals with three aspects of your being that determine your ability to receive grace: Mind, Heart and Groundedness.

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