Messages from Archangels

Although angel messages very specific, both in content and style, for each person who receives it, the messages below will give you a sense of what an angel message could be like for you.

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I recommend reading the “The Nature and Purpose of Angels” message below. It is a beautiful and detailed message about what the Angels offer us and how they work with us.

You will occasionally find a word or phase that is not in common usage or not an actual word in the English language but you will understand what is meant. This is no shortcoming of the angels’ ability to communicate, but rather one of my listening or translating. The messages conveyed by angels are rich in meaning and often there will be several slightly different phrasings of an idea and the elaboration of these subtle differences are there to help you understand more of the meaning. I hope you enjoy these uplifting messages!

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Angel Messages Preview

The Christmas Angels

Excerpt from this message:

“The true spirit of Christmas is generosity. Not the generosity of material gifts and presents, but the generosity of your own loving presence. Give more of your own loving presence and less of the token presents this year. Yes, there is pleasure in enjoying material gifts, but what is remembered, what lasts, is the presence of the loving soul giving love generously and unconditionally to another. This presence lasts for all time. This presence, you will carry with you beyond this life. This presents lives on in a loving legacy that flows from generation to generation.

This is the highest gift of Christmas giving: to see the goodness in another, to recognize, acknowledge and reflect this goodness back to them. This can be done with a loving look, a kind gesture, a warm embrace, a few words of encouragement, or an expression that is as rich and elaborate as you wish. Trust though, the simple expression of this recognition, trust this recognition and realize that we are all members of one family and all loved by our Creator…”

The Angel of Self-Healing

Excerpt from this message:

“When you call upon me, the Angel of Self-Healing, it is very important that you realize that I know you completely as you are in this very moment. Your place of greatest receptivity is to simply allow yourself to be exactly as you are with your strengths, your abilities and your gifts, as well as your sorrows, your grief, your failures, and your vulnerabilities. Realize that an Angel sees you in totality. Realize that you are seen as whole and complete in every moment. Realize that from the Angelic perspective, your life is perfect, exactly as it is…”

The Angel of Awareness

Excerpt from this message:

“I am the Angel of Awareness and carry a gift of expanded consciousness, of a greater field of vision, of a greater range of loving experience and of new perspectives to help you become aware of the power and presence of love in your life.

Let me assure you that as much of heaven is visible as you have eyes to see. Think about how you would alter your thought process, how you would change your interactions with others, how you would regard yourself in a new way if you fully believed this to be true. You experience as much of heaven here and now as your own consciousness allows you to perceive.Heaven exists in the here and now – in the eternal moment that never begins and never ends.If you believe that heaven exists elsewhere or in the future, you exclude yourself from experiencing more of heaven now…”

The Nature and Purpose of Angels

Excerpt from this message:

“We are given unto you as gifts of God, gifts of Creator; we are the expression of Creator in a form that you may more easily access and experience.We are given unto you to help carry you onto God, to help carry you into the love of God, to help carry you into the expression of the love within you.

Above all, we are given unto you for the expression of your soul.The true, deep, and complete expression of your soul.We have been with you from before your birth, from before your conception, when you were a soul in the splendor of heaven.We were with you at the time that you chose what gifts you would carry, … what gifts you would share with others upon the earth.

Your soul in pure form is pure light, pure love, pure joy.The gifts that you have chosen to embody, and carry, and to bring into full fruition upon the earth, are those very gifts that bring you joy, that bring you wonder, that bring you excitement, that bring you into a natural place of buoyancy, of excitement, of the joy of sharing …”

The Angel of Release

Excerpt from this message:

“You need do nothing other than be with yourself exactly as you are in this moment to open the gates within yourself. See yourself with love and respect, see yourself with the regard and respect that the Heavens have for you exactly as you are. Nothing need be changed, altered, or even healed for you to have this grace and love expand and envelope you, engulf you, surround you, infuse you, be one with you. This is the most powerful gift and key I can give you; that you are perfect in the moment, perfect in this exact moment. Accept this, accept that everything around you, regardless of appearance, regardless of condition, is perfectly attuned to the present moment. By accepting this, by knowing and living this, you open the gates of transformation and expansion, you open the gates of the truth of who you are and what your gifts are.

May I speak to you of the alchemy of the soul? May I tell you the truth of yourself as chief alchemist of your own soul, of your own consciousness, of your own presence? Ask yourself, “If this is true, what am I capable of in this moment”

You need do nothing grandiose, you need do nothing beyond the scope of your ability, the scope of your consciousness, the scope of who are in this present moment. Simply open unto yourself, unto the truth that is present.

Releasing then, is this process of acknowledging what is, accepting what is, seeing and knowing what is in simple truth and simple awareness. It is the dropping of the illusions that you have clung to about whatever situation, experience, circumstance you wish release with. See the person, place, or thing clearly and truly as they are. And you will release yourself from your illusions, your attachments and your insistence that these things be other than they are …”

Mary and the Angel of Patience

Excerpt from this message:

“Patience is not about waiting. It is not about too little, or too much. It is not about working slowly, or working faster – it is not about taking more time or taking less time.

It is about letting go completely, absolutely, totally; with no stings attached. No strings of any kind. It is about being without the strings. The strings being the’push’ and ‘pull’ of our attachments to our intentions, our expectations, our desires.

It is about allowing what is its’ right time, right place, right way of coming into full being. It is about our perceptions being fully open to the moment. It is about sensing and moving with the ebb and flow of all tides …”

7 Tips for Connecting with your Angels

A short one and a half page guide for connecting more deeply with your Angels.

“Thank you Christopher for your beautiful words of wisdom from the Angels. No matter what I read of your writings, they always touch me right where I am and right with what I am working.”

Joann Turner, Editor, The Messenger magazine

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