From the Angel of Patience


We were traveling through the beautiful New Hampshire countryside, in early fall, with the leaves just beginning to turn. We were returning to Boston, just about a week after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, and had just come from a prayer and meditation event focused upon Mother Mary. As we drove along the autumns New Hampshire tree lined highway, I felt as though Mary was whispering to me about the quality of patience. This whisper was like the kind of quiet inspiration we have all heard in those rare, quiet, tranquil moments, often in the presence of natural splendor, when our thoughts, worries and anxieties have left us for a while.

This whispered inspiration was about the nature and quality of patience:

“Patience is not about waiting. It is not about too little, or too much. It is not about working slowly, or working faster – it is not about taking more time or taking less time.

It is about letting go completely, absolutely, totally; with no strings attached. No strings of any kind. It is about being without the strings. The strings being the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ of our attachments to our intentions, our expectations, our desires.

It is about allowing what is its’ right time, right place, right way of coming into full being. It is about our perceptions being fully open to the moment. It is about sensing and moving with the ebb and flow of all tides.”

This proved a wonderful inspiration for contemplation and several days later I asked Mother Mary to elaborate on the quality of patience. The following is what I received:


Blessed Mary, Holy Mary, Sacred Mary, Sacred Mother, Avatar, Queen of Angels, oh Queen of Angels, oh Queen of Angels, be here, be present and be clear. Beloved Mother, Holy Mother, Sacred Mother, be present and be clear. Oh, Mary, I ask for you to teach patience.

Angel Message

“Patience is little understood at this time. Patience is like the ocean, it is like the sky, it is like the heavens, it is like the body of the earth itself.

Patience is beyond time. It is beyond quantity. It is beyond measuring. It is beyond any concept of itself. When you say the word ocean, the ocean is beyond the word ocean. The depth, the vastness, the volume, the source, the flow is beyond comprehension. This sea of life from which life upon earth was born is connected to the heavens, is connected to the source of all of creation in ways beyond your imagining.

Patience is like the sea. Its breadth and its depth is unfathomable. True patience moves, it lives, it breathes, it is the fertile ground for creation to spring from.

The quality of patience is like the quality of being with the sea. It is buoyant, it is sustaining, it has a life of its own. Patience involves cooperation. It involves your focus upon a particular intention of your heart, of your soul, of your purpose for being. It involves the clear positive intention to create of your soul merged with creation. It involves the intention that love spring from what we create. It involves an infusion of love into your every creative thought. It involves the infusion of love into every bit of will, every word, every action that you take to bring this creation into being.

Patience also is a complete letting go of any expectation, of quantity, of time, of place, of any particulars whatsoever. Patience is like the tide that carries a boat out to sea. It is like the tide that returns the boat to port. It is both beyond your individual will and merged with it. You are like a wave. Patience is like the sea. It contains you. It provides the very stuff that you create with. It is the body of the sea of love the Creator has given unto you.

Patience is freedom from expectation of any kind. Patience is the letting go of even the concept of letting go. Patience is beyond your attachment to it. Patience is the casting of the bread upon the waters and the giving over to Creator the entirety of the process. It is the total and complete giving over of your wishes, your intentions, your expectations, and any form of the return of what is created to you. It is the blessing, the gift, the sustaining creative process of creation.

Patience is best invoked for service either to others or to yourself. I wish to stress that it is fully present, as are all the powers of creation, to you for your self-realization, your self-empowerment, your self-healing, your becoming a whole and empowered creative self. A self-partnered with creation in every aspect of your life, of your mind, of your heart, of your body and of your soul. This is the intention of your soul, it is the intention of Creator.

The quality of patience frees you from fear, from anxiety, from stress of all kinds. It allows you to be a vessel of love and of light and of creative ability that sails freely on the seas of creation. It allows you to be both held and carried upon this sea. It allows you freedom from all that contracts you and limits your creative ability, yet frees your mind, your heart and your soul to be their most open form of creative expression.

Patience balances your thoughts, your actions and the place within yourself that merges naturally with the heavens, with the earth, and with all of creation. There is a quality of letting go, of releasing, of surrendering, of removing any expectation from that which you create. Patience is the quality that carries you through this. When you cast the bread of your intentions, the bread of your good intentions, the bread of your good will, the bread of your desire to serve creation, your desire to serve those around you, your desire for the up-liftment of yourself, your family, your human community, the state of your consciousness. It is in this letting go of any expectation that you allow with your intent to create, to come into full receptivity, into full partnering with all of creation. It is the planting of a seed in the garden and then the allowing of the rains, the sun, of the winds and of the beloved and blessed hands of the Mother in the soil that hold and nourish and caress the seed into new life. It is the letting go of attachment in any form that is releasing of any ego gratification, it is the clear self-examination of your every intention with this creation, and your honesty in recognizing and removing any place of self-gratification from the process of letting go that empowers your intended creation to take on the pure form of life. It allows the full blessings of heaven to infuse and surround, to hold and to carry your creation into form. It is what allows you to know your part to do and the parts that you are to release.

Patience is given as a vessel of creation. It is both a quality and a process. It is the quality beyond faith, beyond trust, beyond any imaging or any knowing that you might aspire to. It is essential to your self-empowerment.

Patience is releasing into a release that no longer is aware of having anything to release. It is the surrender of all ego identification, it is the surrender of the personal gratifications, it is the surrender of anything that grasps, clings, needs or wishes for recognition from others. This quality, when embraced, when invoked, when entered into fully, releases you from fears and anxieties and worries. Releases you into the bliss and the joy and the wonder that is home to your soul. That is home to your creativity. That is home to your imagination and your vision and your inspiration. It is the intention of Creator that you fully live in this place of empowered creativity. That inspiration, that joy, and that wonder be your primary experience in creation.

Contemplate your understanding of patience. Meditate upon it. Ask Me and the angels for help in your understanding on it, and to move beyond your understanding into your being of it. It is simple, it is profound, it is powerful in that it links you completely, purely, innocently and truly to the full creative potential that you possess.

The angels of patience are guided by me. Call upon them. Call upon them. Use an invocation which you create yourself – perhaps along these lines:

“Oh angels of patience, carry me into the heart of the Mother. Oh angels of patience, carry me upon the seas of abundance. Oh angels of patience, free me from any earthy desire. Oh angels of patience, free me from my fears, from my anxieties and from my worries. Oh angels of patience, carry me into my innocence, carry me into my wonder, carry me into my joy of creation. Oh angels of patience, help me to know what is mine to do and what is mine to give over. Oh angels of patience, guide and bless me. Oh angels of patience, help me to be free.”

Patience is beyond anything that you may attempt to bound it with. It is beyond any concept of it which my you create. It is the sea of being. It is the sea of transformation and of change and of becoming. It is a voyage, not a destination. It is the sea given to carry the vessel of your life, of your love, of your good intentions. You may release into patience in the same way you would simply let go and float in a calm, warm, tranquil sea. Carried aloft, floating; weightless movement, and current, and sea, and air, and heaven, and earth all around you. This is the place of being in creation that is home to your soul, home to your heart, home to your body, and even home to your mind. Home to a mind that is released from fear, and from doubt, and from worry. Home to a mind that trusts the untrusting, that the body will float buoyantly in the sea. Home to a mind whose creative potential has been freed. Home to a mind who has chosen perceptions of love, and of wonder, and of the joy of expression of the treasures within. A mind that is open to the bliss of sharing the precious jewels within. The previous jewels of being in and of heaven.

This is a natural place of being for your mind, and your body, and your soul. Free yourself to be in and of it. The quality of patience is most needed at this present time, this present place, of your individual evolution and of the evolution of human society.

Patience opens opportunity. Patience opens all of the channels of creation. Patience allows your vessel to be carried in love upon the tides that are perfect for you. Patience allows Creator’s blessings to be given unto you, to be given unto your full and open receptivity. Patience opens receptivity to degrees beyond any limit that your fears, anxieties or worries would impose.

Patience is the opener, patience is the healer, patience is the clearer of obstacles, patience is the opening unto ever greater love of creation.

All of my blessings are with you in this. All of the blessings of Angels are with you in this. Call upon me, call upon the Angels, for help, for understanding, and for all assistance.”

Mother Mary, Queen of Angels

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