From the Thanksgiving Angels


Oh Angels of Love, Oh Angels of Light, Beloved Angels of Inspiration and Grace, I call upon you. Oh Angels who carry the wisdom of the heavens, come to us now, share with us what will be most helpful for our preparations for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Oh Angels of Loving Light, help me to attune to your presence that I may hear, see, feel and know the Grace you carry for me. Oh Angels, I call upon you in the name of love, in the name of service, in the name of truth. I call upon you for my upliftment and the upliftment of all those I come into contact with. Beloved Angels of Light, harmonize my body, mind and soul with the loving wisdom of heaven. Oh Angels of Love and Light, help me to see, to understand and to act with the highest capacity of love.

Angel Message from the Thanksgiving Angels

Part 1

We are the Angels that prepare the way for the celebration of Thanksgiving. We bring the radiance and grace of heavenly wisdom to this holiday.

There are Angels that attend to every human event and activity. There are Angels for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for Hanukkah, for Ramadan, for all sacred celebration. Our purpose is to help you in body, mind and soul to appreciate the gifts that each of these holidays brings to you.

We help you to harmonize your body, mind and soul with the grace, wisdom, love and illumination that heaven intends you to receive. Holidays are, after all, holy days. They are the days where you step outside of your habits and patterns of your work and personal life. They provide you an opportunity to pause your normal activities, and to take time to be in a place of appreciation and realization of all that has been given to you. They are times for being with friends, family and your community in a more personal and more appreciative way.

Our mission is to both prepare you and sustain you through this Thanksgiving holiday. If you will ask for our help, and the help of all angels, especially your guardian Angels, as you prepare for your holidays, you will find that your perceptions will expand. Your ability to gather wisdom will increase. Your ability to find love, appreciation and gratitude for what is in your life will be greatly expanded.

Begin a short list of what you appreciate in your life. Find at least 12 things you genuinely value and appreciate about the people in your life. Note the qualities that these people share with you and the authentic gifts that these people give to you. And by gifts, we mean the gifts beyond material gifts; gifts of kindness, understanding, compassion, appreciation, listening, sharing, warmth, affection and all other positive qualities. Remember the gifts that are simple and true expressions of love and caring.

We suggest that you begin this process today. Be easy and gentle with this. This list is for your eyes only. It is just for you. Compose it quickly, easily, without editing and without carefully crafting your words. Let it be as spontaneous as possible. Simply let it flow freely.

Add to this list a few items each day between now and Thanksgiving. Let your list grow each day. You will notice that your ability to perceive the real gifts will grow day by day. Your appreciation of them will also grow. Your power of appreciation will become magnetic and will attract many more such gifts. Your perceptions will expand and you will see that many more gifts are being offered to you than you were able to realize.

You may also wish to start another list to help you eliminate blockages to gifts. This is the list of how you judge and evaluate what is in your life from negative perspectives; from lack, from inferiority, from jealousy, envy, anger or any negative emotion. These are the spoiler thoughts of your true and genuine Thanksgiving appreciation. For every place where you negatively evaluate yourself, your life, the people around you, your work, material possessions, finances, health or any other element of your life, you lose true appreciation of the real gifts in your life. This is also where you lose the true eternal value of the importance and meaning of your life.

Every soul that incarnates has a deep and meaningful mission here. Your Angels always see this mission. Your Angels always know the purpose and intent your soul has with your mission. Your Angels always hold open paths of opportunity for you to more fully accomplish your soul’s mission. Your soul has wisdom about this mission. Your soul is eternal, limitless, and is connected to all the grace and wisdom of heaven. A fundamental part of your life on earth is to express the loving wisdom of your soul. Your part is to realize and express the gifts that your soul carries into this life.

As you work on your list of appreciation, specifically note what you appreciate about the people around you, about your work, about your home, about your friends and family. Note your appreciation of nature; the trees, flowers, animals, oceans, all the natural splendor of the earth. As you do so, you will begin to have deeper realizations about the qualities of your own soul.

The qualities, abilities, and affinities that your soul carries always bring joy in their expression. Your soul always brings greater wisdom, greater expansion of consciousness, greater awareness of the love and divine order behind every aspect of your life. Expressing and sharing these uplifting soul qualities is the intention and mission of your soul. As you grow in appreciating your own qualities, abilities, sensitivities, and appreciation, you will see more clearly how to fulfill your mission.

Trust the wisdom of your soul as it expresses in your life. Every circumstance, every person, every situation, both positive and negative, reflects the state and condition of your consciousness. This is a powerful realization for you to have.

Holding this realization as you compose your two lists will change your perception about what is positive and what is negative, where you are in touch with your soul, and where you turn away from its guidance. It will help you see where you are in touch with love, and where you operate from fear.

As you look through your eyes, hear through your ears, perceive around you, you are looking into a mirror of your own consciousness. Your inner world is reflected in the outer. It is our mission as Angels who are devoted to you, to help you realize the power of your own consciousness. It is our work to to assist you in understanding, expressing and living your life from the center of your soul’s awareness. When you hold this awareness and connect with the wisdom that your own soul is expressing in every moment, you will understand that a loving, kind and conscious universe surrounds you and answers you in every moment. You will more deeply understand how kind and benevolent creation truly is. Even suffering and pain, when contemplated upon from this perspective, reveals itself as the call of your own soul to greater love, harmony and unity.

Part 2

As you find thankfulness for all aspects of your life exactly as they are in this moment, the wisdom of your soul more deeply reveals itself. You access the power of your soul more deeply to help you heal your misunderstandings, heal your relationships, heal your body and heal your misperceptions of the world around you. Every inner reflection, every inner contemplation, every time you truly and genuinely listen to the wisdom of your own soul, you reveal to yourself another piece of the mosaic of cosmic order and love.

When you thank even the difficult experiences, circumstances and problems as merely messengers reminding you of a piece of your own consciousness that is not in harmony with the love of creation, then the power of your soul and of the heavens flows in infinite supply to the very place in need of love and healing. Every problem, every difficulty, every issue of health, money, or relationship is merely a disguised call for love. It is merely a place within your own consciousness in which you have denied the flow of love or the presence of love to enter.

This is said with the deepest regard, respect, compassion and appreciation of you and your soul. This is said as an affirmation of your soul’s wisdom and ability to express itself through loving action. This is said in the spirit of enabling and empowering the strength of your own soul. We see you in the radiance and magnificence of your soul in every moment of your life; in your triumphs and in what you view as your failures. The soul wastes nothing. It is often from your “mistakes and failures” that your soul gathers its greatest growth and integrates its deepest wisdom.

Remember to call upon your Angels for help and loving assistance. We will help you express the gifts and qualities of your soul and help you remove the obstacles in your own consciousness that create disharmony, discomfort, and suffering.

Your Angels carry an infinite supply of grace and wisdom. This grace and wisdom is the birthright of your soul. It is promised to you lifetime after lifetime. It is given to you moment after moment.

Your Angels can carry part of the weight of your difficulties, of your worries, of your fears, and help lighten all the places where you have fear and difficulty.

The capacity of your Angels to help you is greater than you realize. We can carry much of this load for you as you become more receptive and more able to sense the presence of your own soul. We will help you in this too. It is our very nature to reflect the goodness of your soul back to you. We amplify the positive qualities and uplifting presence of your own soul and its connection to the loving wisdom of the universe. It is our purpose for being. Truly we can help carry twenty, thirty, forty, fifty percent or even more of your difficulties.

As you do this, your soul sheds its need for the difficulty. It loses its reason for needing difficulty to attract your attention to the underlying issue. Your soul is efficient, kind and loving, but it will have its way with you as it carries you ever further into the realization of loving consciousness.

Keep this in mind as you’re working with both of your lists. Allow us to help you add to your list of appreciation. Allow us to carry the weight of your negative list and to help you release negative thought, belief and emotional pain.

Let us clarify how we help you release yourself from negativity. Remember that your own soul has attracted the difficulty to you – not merely for you to engage in suffering, but as the best means for you to gather that particular form of wisdom and awareness that the suffering leads you to. Be aware of this as you ask for our help to release you from what you suffer with. Be willing to receive the wisdom that is within every painful experience, thought and emotion.

There is always gold at the end of suffering. You will always eventually find the gold of loving wisdom, increased compassion and greater awareness within every painful experience. As you gather this gold to you, you more deeply integrate the wisdom of your soul into your thoughts, words, actions, and into all aspects of your life. As you practice this, you will find genuine appreciation even for the difficult things you’ve experienced or are experiencing now. We are telling you how to open the doors of grace, illumination and loving kindness of heaven.

It is your own willingness that unlocks these doors. It is your own receptivity to the loving presence of heaven that lights your way to these doors. It is your own ability to choose to follow the light of your soul that releases you from the fearful places in your own consciousness and lets you move forward.

Let this holiday season be deeply meaningful. Let this be an opportunity to open the doors of your soul. Let this be an opportunity for your loving consciousness to deepen, expand and increase this presence in your life.

We are here to assist you with all of this. We are here to guide and help you. We are here to help you gather the gold from every experience in your life. We are here to help you appreciate being genuinely thankful for yourself as an expression of spirit. To help you be genuinely thankful for every aspect of your life exactly as it is – for in doing so, you open the gateways of heaven. You receive Heaven’s full flow of love and grace.. You enter a truly deep appreciation of your own soul’s presence, genuinely thankful for this gift of life that you have received.

With kindness and compassion and reverence for you, and all around you, we are at your service for this purpose. Allow our loving presence, our wisdom and our grace to help you to ever deepen your expression of your soul. This is our gift of thanksgiving to you. Use it wisely. Use it in harmony. Use it with thankfulness and appreciation. This gift that we give to you becomes a gift you give to yourself, and, in so doing, a gift you give to all around you.

All love, all grace, all blessings to you.

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