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Every one of us, as long as we are in our human form, and in our human body, has one or more angels with us at all times. In many years of working with individuals to help them come into closer contact with their guardian angels I have experienced that they are present for each and every one of us.

Angel Message

We are with you always and eternally. When you call upon us we do not come from somewhere else to now be with you. It is really not the way you may be imaging. It is not really the way it is represented in paintings or picture of angels descending from heaven to you. We do not come from somewhere else to be with you. That is a more primitive understanding of the process. It is an understanding whose time has come for you to drop.

We are present with you always and eternally. When you call upon us, what is really happening is that you are calling upon your own awareness, your own perceptions, your own consciousness to be receptive to us. Your prayers, your invocations, your meditations accomplish a shift in your own awareness, a shift in your own being, that allow you to experience our presence. We want to assure you that not only do we not go away from you to some other place, but that there is no other place. There is no other place for us to go to. We are ever-present in the being of God, which is everywhere and in all places simultaneously. Please realize that this is almost a humorous concept that we could go away from you, for there is no away from you. There is no away from God. There is no away from heaven. There is only away in your own consciousness. There is only separation in your own consciousness.

Truly, heaven and earth are one. And this is your evolution of being in heaven upon earth. You are in your own soul’s expression of heaven upon earth. We are fully supportive of you in this. We are completely and totally without reservation committed to you. And, again, there is not even a question of commitment on our part, for commitment implies a decision, it implies a choice. We are beyond choice, we are beyond decision, we are beyond even commitment. We are simply in being, we are simply in love, we are simply in love with you.

Here are some practical suggestions to assist you to come into greater a place of awareness and connection with us.

First, relaxation, quiet, calm and tranquility are most helpful. Take a quiet time of meditation, either sequestered somewhere where you are comfortable, safe and beyond interruption, or some place in nature, under trees, near some a stream or river. This is really your own choice as to where you feel you would be most receptive. Trust your instincts, trust your impressions and your intuition about receptive places for you and follow your own knowing in this. In this quiet place simply begin to call upon our presence, noting any sensations that you receive. Notice any sensations of tingling or physical feelings; any colors, tones, or hues; anything that is clearly beyond your ordinary senses. Just gradually allow your receptivity and your sensitivity to grow. Have no expectation around performance in this matter. This is not something you approach from a place of accomplishing in “Three Easy Steps,” or the “Ten Minute Connection with Angels Program,” or any mental concept that would dictate how you proceed.

Do trust yourself completely in this. Trust yourself as much as you are able. Trust us as much as you are able. We want you to be aware that your level of belief in us does not determine our willingness to work with you. It does not limit our power of working with you. Even if you have only a glimmering of belief, or a small amount of belief, we are able to work with you. Even if you do not mentally believe in us, even if you are uncertain about us, if you ask for the help you shall receive it.

Your belief itself can be a guide to what needs to be healed within you. Simply ask, “Where and why do I not believe in the presence of a loving, intelligent, compassionate being who would give me all that is needed for my dreams to come true?” If you ask this question the very things most in need of healing within you will come immediately to the surface. Ask us to help you with these areas and be very attentive to the results that return to you.

This is a very simple process. Bring into your awareness what you believe limits your ability to live your dreams. Offer these things up for help and assistance, becoming ever more clear about what part is yours to do in the process, and know that the entirety of what remains has been given unto us. Simply watch for the results in your life, in your relationships, in your health, in whatever you need and require assistance for.

We are conveyers of grace, gentleness, kindness, sacredness, warm regard, warm care, lightness of being, buoyancy, joy, and love. These are our calling cards. When you feel any of these things, you shall know our presence. You shall know that we are working in your life.

This is given to you in complete love, devotion, and service to you. May you receive all the blessings of heaven, the blessings of Creator upon you.”

In love and devotion,
The Archangels

Christopher Dilts is an internationally recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels. He has facilitated positive change for hundreds of people by helping them develop a deeply personal relationship with their Guiding Angels.

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