From Angel of Release


Holy Lord, beloved and blessed, thank you for this gift of angels. Holy Lord beloved and blessed, thank you for what is given.

Angel of Release, I call upon you. Angel of Release, share your loving message with me. Share your gift of release with me. Angel of Release, I attune to you and ask for your assistance and help. I ask myself to receive the gift that you hold.

Angel Message

“I am the Angel of Release. I am ever present and always available. Call upon me, partner with me when you realize and are aware of a place within yourself that is blocked, closed, not receptive to the flow of love and of life. Call upon me, upon my grace, upon my love, upon my benevolent presence to help you with kindness, with gentleness, with great respect and regard for who and what you are. Call upon me and allow me to assist you.

My gift to you is to assist you in living into the gifts that you have within you. The gifts that you are to earth, to those around you, your gift to God. Do you realize and know yourself as a gift to God? Do you know yourself as a gift to those around you? Do you know yourself as a gift to the earth?

You ask what are your gifts, and how you may express them. You ask for assistance, help and resources to enable you to bring those gifts to those around you. This is Sacred Prayer. This is Holy Prayer. This is in accordance with Divine Law and Divine Order. Have no hesitation in asking again and again for that which will serve you now. In this moment your awareness is focused upon me and this opens the gates of heaven, the gates of heaven that are within you, within your heart, within your mind, within your energy centers, your charkas, within your being, within your soul. Allow me to help you open these gates – that grace flow freely to you, generosity, abundance, kindness, love and high consciousness – high awareness of who and what you are.

I am of and in the moment and exist nowhere else. In truth, you are of and in the moment and exist nowhere else. Know this: the past is gone, the future has not arrived, the present moment is the key to unlock these gates of heaven. You need do nothing other than be with yourself exactly as you are in this moment to open the gates within yourself. See yourself with love and respect, see yourself with the regard and respect that the Heavens have for you exactly as you are. Nothing need be changed, altered, or even healed for you to have this grace and love expand and envelope you, engulf you, surround you, infuse you, be one with you. This is the most powerful gift and key I can give you; that you are perfect in the moment, perfect in this exact moment. Accept this, accept that everything around you, regardless of appearance, regardless of condition, is perfectly attuned to the present moment. By accepting this, by knowing and living this, you open the gates of transformation and expansion, you open the gates of the truth of who you are and what your gifts are.

May I speak to you of the alchemy of the soul? May I tell you the truth of yourself as chief alchemist of your own soul, of your own consciousness, of your own presence? Ask yourself, “If this is true, what am I capable of in this moment?”

You need do nothing grandiose, you need do nothing beyond the scope of your ability, the scope of your consciousness, the scope of who are in this present moment. Simply open unto yourself, unto the truth that is present.

Releasing then, is this process of acknowledging what is, accepting what is, seeing and knowing what is in simple truth and simple awareness. It is the dropping of the illusions that you have clung to about whatever situation, experience, circumstance you wish release with. See the person, place, or thing clearly and truly as they are. And you will release yourself from your illusions, your attachments and your insistence that these things be other than they are.

The primary block to release is an insistence, conscious or subconscious that insists that this be other than it is. This is what causes your suffering, your distress, your ill health, your depression, your anxiety, and, truly, this is what feeds your fear that continues the process of illusion and attachment to your picture of what it is instead of what it actually is.

Let your body, let your mind, let your entire being come into resonance with this truth: that what is, is perfect in every way no matter what you think about it. Release yourself from this self-imposed suffering that it be other than what it is. Release yourself from your illusions. Release yourself from your attachments. Call upon me, call upon all Angels, call upon all vessels of divine light and divine love to help you, to assist you, to work with you to see truly, to experience truly, to perceive truly.

Know that your destiny is heaven. Know that your place is secure, ever secure in heaven, even now, in this moment. Nothing can threaten that, nothing can take heaven from you. Know that you are ever in heaven. Relax, release, you do not earn your place in heaven, it is assured to you.

Know also that you attune yourself to the level of heaven that you are capable of perceiving and living in. Nothing of heaven is withheld from you. It is only your ability, when you limit it, that reduces your experience of heaven. Heaven withholds nothing from you. It is only for you to accept it, and accept it, and ever more deeply accept it. Realize even in this there is no judgment of the degree of heaven you are able to live within, able to accept, able to experience. There is no lessening of you that corresponds to this degree. You experience as much of heaven as you are capable of in each moment. This is in divine perfection. Move ever deeper into heaven. This is true for eternity. Do not fear this, resist this, demand anything of this. It is what is. Accept it, know it as your truth and you are free and you are released!

I, the Angel of Release will never refuse you assistance. I will never refuse you light and love.

I will never refuse you my loving presence. I give this always and ever pure and clear to you.

I am love. I am an aspect of love and I am given freely to you in every moment. Carry my energy of release, energy of acceptance, energy of light and love and grace for I give it you – I give it fully to you.

Blessings to you, love to you, heaven to you. All grace, love and heaven to you.”

The Angel of Release

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