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I am an energy healer and over the past month I have been pulling Archangel Ariel and hearing all messages re: lions and leos…I am at a crossroads in manifesting intentions and have been sleeping very uneasily over the last week or so. I took an angel certification course also so I am familiar with readings. Even the clients I provide reiki for pull a card and they have been pulling the Ariel with the lions in the background. I feel so tired each morning and usually wake up energized. Thanks for any help. – Jayne


Dear Jayne,

I invoked the Angels on your behalf and made a prayer on your behalf as well.

Here is brief synopsis of what I experienced:

  1. You are in an important transition right now – relax, embrace the process, look for new surrender points and act decisively on the guidance you are receiving every day. It is very important for you to be open and willing release old thought habits (see the message from the Angel of Release).
  2. Invoke the Angel Metatron to help your crown chakra clarify – your crown is strong and clarifying it further(in this case releasing some minor misperceptions) will help you change your course a few degrees(remember that a ship leaving Los Angeles will either make or miss Hawaii with just 1-2 degree’s of a course change.)
  3. Invoke the Angel Sandalphon to help you ground in a deeper, more secure and more abundant manner. You root chakra capacity is about 3 times more powerful than you currently think is possible.

If you would like personal help with this I would be happy to do a private session with you that would include some powerful chakra work and releasing of some key limiting beliefs that you are holding. I also can offer you sliding scale for the fee if finances are an issue.

Keep up your good work – your work is vital to your transformation.

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