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trinity of angelsChristopher Dilts answers people’s most frequently asked questions about Angels, covering everything from spiritual definition of Angels, to guardian or guiding Angels, Angels as messengers of God, Angels and healing, Angels and health, Angels and relationships, Angels and financial success. Answers from the Angelic perspective are always uplifting and inspiring!

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Questions About Angels

Are there really Angels and have you ever personally seen one?  

I feel my departed cousin watching over me – am I crazy?  

What is your method of connecting to Angels vs. God himself?  

Are the Angels carrying out God’s answers?  

Are my Angels with me?  

How many Angels do I have?  

What are my Angels’ names?  

Is talking to the Angels the same as talking to God Himself?  

Are Angels the same as Spirit Guides?  

Do we have more than one Guardian Angel?  

My mom felt a presence the other night- was it her Guardian Angel?  

Love & Relationships

Angels, please guide me to a happy, healthy relationship with my boyfriend!  

I want to know if in the end I will be with the person I love.  

Finance & Business

How can the Angels help me to become financially independent?  

What is the Angels’ advice for securing my career goal?  

Health & Healing

Will the Angels help my friend in return for her service to her son? Will the Angels help the cancer?  

I feel bitter inside. I feel I’m losing faith and I need healing to find faith in God and in the human race.  

Higher Purpose & Life Work

Will I be able to bring out my gifts, and use them for my highest good and for others?  

Which field I should go into that serves my purpose and my highest good?  

How and where can I finally find the job that I need to start working toward my financial freedom, and not depend on others so much?  

Angel Help- Specific Requests

I am at a crossroads in manifesting intentions and have been sleeping very uneasily over the last week or so.  

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Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers’ recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels.

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