A Message From the Christmas Angels


This month marks a deeper opportunity for each of us to receive new and more powerful infusions of love. The Christmas Angels invite us to take in this new love and with it, a greater awareness that love has the ability to transform how we view the world. We are invited to live lives more deeply dedicated to love. It is an opportunity for us to accept, grow, and go forward with a more powerful presence of love within us and around us.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice. Solstice means “standing still sun.” This moment of transit from the old light to the new provides an opportunity for each of us to receive the year’s energy and light. The light I am referring to is not simply sunlight, but the “light” of our awareness that illuminates every perception, thought and feeling that we have. It is the quality of love in this light that determines whether we perceive the world in a context of love or in one of fear.

The Winter Solstice is the day that the Sun’s light begins to grow again. The diminishing of the Sun’s light ceases and the days begin to grow brighter and longer again.

The sun is actually not farther from earth at this time of year – the waxing and waning of the sun and the earth’s seasons are due to the tilt of the earth’s axis in respect to the sun. Just as our experience of God’s light and love exactly mirrors our orientation to it – not it’s orientation to us. Like the sun, God’s love is constant.

The waxing and waning of light on earth is a natural cycle just as the waxing and waning of spiritual light is a natural cycle in our own consciousness.

The Christmas Angels surround us and welcome us into this new light, which is really a new expression of love for each of us individually and collectively. This is a very important time for each of us to personally connect with the help coming from the Christmas Angels in 2005.

Christmas Angels

Angel Message – From the Christmas Angels

This is a time of great choosing and our assistance will help you to choose love over fear. Many around you, as the darkness in the world has grown, the darkness of violence and the desire to control and dominate one another, find themselves caught up with this darkness.

They find themselves occupied with imaginings of the shadows that they, themselves, project into the darkness. Fear draws to fear the very things that one fears. This is a universal law of energetic attraction – like a magnet drawing iron from sand, fear draws to it the very elements that are the subjects of its focus.

Your own fears are creating the very events that you are afraid of. If you carefully attend to your perceptions and awareness, you will see this play out in all your relationships. In a broader sense, you see evidence of this in the violence that is present every day on the news locally, nationally and internationally.

Your own thoughts create the forms of the shadows that you see in the darkness. Just a child, who has been sleeping peacefully in her room, suddenly awakens in the dark and sees outlines and shapes and shadows, then allows her thoughts to influence her perceptions. A coat over a chair suddenly becomes an intruder, fear builds, and the intruder may seem to become even more menacing.

Though this is a simple example, an identical process is always present in the interplay between your thoughts, perceptions, reality and how you experience your world.

This imagined “darkness” that you might see around you is simply an empty space. It is merely void. It is simply a place for the new to be born from and it is not to be feared.

The Winter Solstice can be, for you, a winter womb of restful and tranquil darkness. It is actually a warm and comfortable place for the gestation of your new consciousness and simply the place that this new consciousness is to be born from. In reality it is only emptiness, only void, only a place preparing itself to be filled with the new light of the New Year and to birth the next place of your evolving consciousness.

Allow yourself to be this empty vessel as you move through the days of December, 21st, 22nd 23rd. On December 24th the gestation will be complete and it will be time to give birth to a new consciousness within you, one that is birthed of new love, from love, for love and moving ever into the expansion of love in every place and in everyone. Welcome this birth within yourself on December 25th. Celebrate this creation of new love within yourself.

Take some time on each of these days to connect deeply with your own heart, with your own soul, with the higher aspects of your mind and with your highest emotions and feelings. Take care with yourself. This can be a very busy time, but set aside some quiet moments so that you are able to fully receive the true gift of Christmas: the gift of the birth on an ever-greater loving consciousness within yourself.

Our gift to you this Christmas season is a powerful shift into the potency of love: a powerful presence of love in your mind, in your heart, in your body and in your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Your power to choose love will be strengthened if you allow this new birth of consciousness to occur within yourself.

The Angels surround you now, just as they surrounded Mary, just as they surrounded Jesus at his birth. This new light, represented by the star of Bethlehem, is ever inviting us to follow it into both the mastery and the mystery of the love that the Christ Consciousness gifts to us all. Prepare yourself to receive these gifts this Christmas. Prepare yourself to allow this new love to infuse you and to give birth to the new consciousness of love within you.

The celebration on Christmas Day is to celebrate the arrival of the fully conscious, yet child-like aspects of loving consciousness within you. Christmas day is to celebrate your new wisdom and to celebrate the power of innocence birthed of love and of light. Each of us can return to our original innocence that is infused with love and the light of God. This innocence is a safe and stable place of being. It is fully informed; it sees all things clearly and is afraid of nothing; certainly not of the empty darkness which it realizes as simply the place from which it was born. Each of us who innocently opens our heart to the love offered by the Christ Consciousness becomes a vessel of this very same light, love and consciousness.

Take this opportunity to embody the light, the love, and the consciousness that is the very being-ness of your soul. Welcome and celebrate and share this love with all around you.

Bless all of those who, through their mistakes, make choices of fear. For they choose unknowingly to live in a world of shadow, darkness, disease and fear. Do not let their choices influence yours to stray from love as the center of awareness. Remember that the path of innocence, the path of the “Christ Child,” is simple straight and true. Trust the Angels, the loving expressions of Creator, who are given to you to serve the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within you. We are given to you to help you awaken to the power in your choices of love.

Celebrate this season of new light and of the birth of new consciousness that we celebrate with you. We join you, we sing to you, we guide you, we whisper to you, we protect and enfold you with this love.

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