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Asking an Angel for help is one of our most power spiritual practices. We can ask the Angels for immediate help at any time and in any place.

A Jewish proverb says that “Every blade of grass has an Angel bending over it saying. ‘Grow, Grow!” Just as every person has one or more Guiding Angels that help and assist them, every human activity – partnerships, businesses, organizations and relationships – also have one or more Angels that preside over offerings of grace, assistance and blessings for them.

Angels are accepted in every major religion as ‘Messengers of God” and I experience them as aspect of God’s love given to us as gifts of love. Each of them has a special purpose and carries the very qualities to us that are most helpful to us in the moment we become aware of them. I called upon the Angel of Awareness to bring us a special message of awareness for today.


Beloved and blessed Angels, holy and sacred Angels, be with me here, Angel of Awareness be with me, all Angels, be with me. Beloved and blessed be with me. Holy and sacred Angels bless this place. I call upon you to bring your message of love and Inspiration to us now. I call upon all angels to support and surround me in love, in generosity of spirit, generosity of kindness, of transformation, of new awareness. Blessed Angels, help me to be receptive.

Angel Message

“I am the angel of awareness and carry a gift of expanded consciousness, of a greater field of vision, of a greater range of loving experience, of new possibilities for you to become aware of the power and presence of love in your life.

“As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see” is a level of awareness achieved by William Winter. This is true awareness. Let me assure you that as much of heaven is visible as you have eyes to see. Think about how you would alter your thought process, how you would change your interactions with others, how you would regard yourself in a new way if you fully believed this to be true. You experience as much of heaven here and now as your own conscious allows you to. Heaven exists in the here and now – in the eternal moment that never begins and never ends. If you believe that heaven exists only in the future, you exclude yourself from being in heaven now.

Let me assure you that you are surrounded by heaven, you are held in heaven, you are filled with heaven for there is nowhere for heaven to exist except here and now and everywhere in this present moment. You may have acquired some rather childish beliefs and thoughts about where and when heaven exists. There is truly no problem in this, it is just that you may have been conditioned early in your life with patterns of thought that have existed through old consciousness and through patterns of separation consciousness. There is truly no separation between you and heaven. There never can be – this would be impossible. Creator is everywhere, in every place and in every thing and in every moment. It is impossible for you to be separate from heaven, impossible for any person, place or experience to exist outside of heaven.

Nothing of heaven is withheld from you. Nothing of heaven can be withheld from you by any power other than your own unwillingness to accept being in it. I say this with complete respect and regard for whatever place of separation consciousness you are currently experiencing. I say this with kindness and with compassion for your own thinking, your own beliefs and for where you allow these beliefs to live within you.

I ask you to simply relax into your own beliefs and to become aware of them. I ask you to allow a new awareness, a kinder awareness, a gentler awareness towards yourself, towards your life and experiences, towards however you interpret your history, towards however you view your relationships.

One of the most powerful gateways into a deeper and more complete experience of heaven is through love of your own self, of your life, of you journey, of every relationship and experience that you have had. Knowing that nothing can exist outside of heaven helps bring to love to all the places that seem in opposition and in denial of love.

As the angel of awareness, I can help you to become aware of where love exists in every difficult place in your life – including your health, your relationships, your home, your work and every part of your life. I will assure you that if you ask for assistance in finding where the love exists, even in the places that are most difficult for you, even in the places where you would insist that no love could possibly be found, even the most terrible, most extreme experiences you have had. Realize that this will transform your false beliefs, will inform your consciousness of the presence of heaven in ways which you have insisted upon denying it.

There is power and strength and conviction and confidence in this truth that I am relaying to you. Do not shy away from it. Although it is powerful, it is completely compassionate, completely kind and totally loving. There is only unconditional love given to you from heaven. There is nothing conditional about your place in heaven. It is assured. Only you, not God, not the Angels, not anyone outside of yourself can grant you entry or bar your entry. This is divine, absolute truth, I assure you.

It is time for new beliefs based upon these truths to be fully in your consciousness and to be shared with those around you. Shared by your living this consciousness, not talking about it. As you live in a greater experience of heaven you create a field of possibility around you for others to join in ever-expanded experiences of the presence of love. You also become much more receptive to enter into places of greater love with others, of others, and above all, a greater place of love for yourself.

Awareness is truly a simple practice of finding love in every person, place, thing or experience. It is being in the love that is present in each moment. If you were to believe that there is unlimited love in every moment, including this one, how would you change your thinking, behavior, what you say and how you say it?

What habits would you change if you truly believed that complete and total contentment were not only possible but the intention of every moment of life? What desires could you let go of? What appetites would no longer have any pull or effect over you?

You can see how profoundly simple and powerful this practice of loving awareness is. Loving awareness carries with it transformative power because it opens your vision and frees you from illusion and attachment to that which is not love, to those places where you separate yourself from love. The simple truth is that nothing exists outside of love; there is actually no place that can exist outside of Creator’s love. There is no other place.

Knowing that is true can give you confidence, can give you ease in handling the difficulties that naturally arise. Know that each of these difficulties is a door currently closed to heaven, but a door that you can open yourself. There is such great love for you, and of you, there is such deep recognition that you are nothing other than love itself in human form – there is the welcoming of heaven offered to every place of separation that you carry within you. This is offered in every moment.

Let me emphasize that there are not special times, special places, special situations, or even special people required for you to have the full and complete experience of yourself as love, as in heaven, as complete and whole.

Ask for help and you will find that the universe has already been offering help to you in every form and in every place. Help is at hand. Loving assistance is within your reach.

Let me assure you that Angels are none other than the loving aspects of Creator formulated to help you moment by moment in the most perfect way. There are choirs upon choirs of Angles, countless beyond counting, each formulated in a specific and precise form – much in the same way that a homeopathic is specific and precise, so that you are able to receive that which will be most helpful to you. Be receptive to the Angels around you. Welcome them, accept from them their assistance and allow them to give to you the gifts of awareness that they carry. Angels, as loving aspects of the One Great Love, are like facets upon an infinite diamond that is the pure love of creation. Each of these facets a different sparkle, a different hue, a different color, a different tone: each an aspect of creation that is most helpful to you in the moment you encounter it.

We work with you in teams – be open to our shifting around you as we deliverer to you the very formulation that is perfect for your soul. We are the loving thoughts, the loving expression of Creator given as gifts to you. We are beyond judgment; we exist outside of duality, outside of your sense of time and dimension. We can do nothing but love you completely and totally without reservation for this is our nature as beings of heaven.

As you accept our blessings and our gifts of grace and healing, you are actually entering yourself step by step into ever deepening levels of love and heaven. Remember that we can only offer – it is for you to accept. Because this acceptance truly is self – acceptance, your self-acceptance of yourself as a being of unlimited love, of unlimited consciousness, of unlimited grace. We know you as this and truly your soul, in its wisdom, knows itself as this as well. With love beyond measure, with kindness and compassion, we are with you in every moment. Allow yourself to be receptive, allow yourself to choose love.”

All love and blessings,
The Angel of Awareness

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