From the Christmas Angels


Beloved blessed Angels, Angels of Christmas, Angels who bring the light, bringers of the dawn, the dawn of consciousness and the dawn of new love. Blessed and beloved Angels, let a new consciousness dawn in us, let a new sun rise, the sun of light, the sun of love, the sun of compassion and mercy.

Beloved and blessed Angels, I call upon your help to receive your gifts of Christmas.

Angel Message

We bring to you the gift that is dearest to God – it is the deepest loving expression of God for you – and it is already given unto you.

We are the Christmas Angels. We are the Angels of joy, of light, of love, of generosity, of peace and of abundance for all. We are the Angels that help you to connect with these very same good aspects of yourself – these same qualities of your own high consciousness and of your ability to choose love in your every expression. We are the Angels who guide you, who whisper to you, who nudge you and who bring you the gifts to help you shift your perceptions from worry and fear into love.

The highest gift of God to you is the truth of your own true nature: You are created, you are birthed, with the full love of Creator surrounding and infusing you. This love is the birthright of your soul. Your soul is eternal, yours forever, and is you, at the deepest level of you, in loving union with Creator for all time.

The life you are living today, all that you believe yourself to be in the ordinary world, is your own soul’s consciousness dreaming your inner existence into being and expressing its very own nature in the world of form and matter.

This ordinary world that you find yourself so bound to, so caught up with, so involved with, is also contained in the grace of heaven – always. What you experience in your relationships, friendships and family is the clearest and purest reflection of the state of your own awareness. Every dynamic of every relationship you experience is meant to lead you into greater awareness of yourself and, in so doing, to lead you precisely to the places within you that are ready to receive more of God’s love for you.

This Christmas season presents a wonderful opportunity for you to move deeper into the loving nature of your own higher consciousness. We are delighted to help you with this. We are ever at your service in this. We surround you, we infuse you, with the loving grace of Creator at all times and in all places. Listen, look, sense and feel for our presence – we assure you that our guidance and help is present.

Know when you call upon us that there is nothing that is too much for us, nothing too uncomfortable for us, nothing too difficult, nothing too depressing or too despicable for us to embrace with love, healing grace, divine wisdom and with all the healing power of creation.

When we speak of the healing power of creation, it is imperative that you realize that this healing power, this goodness, this love and light of God, will ultimately heal everything within you and around you. This is so. If you wish to, you can release any doubt you have about this in this very moment. Your full embrace of the grace and goodness of God is inevitable. It is ordained. It is inescapable.

What about free will? An excellent question at this point. You have free will. You may refuse the deeper love of God over and over again. You may choose fear over love, over and over again. You may choose the desires and appetites and expressions of the lower self, the animal nature of your biological being over and over. Yet, God has eternity and an infinite number of invitations into the full embrace of love for you. Do you really think you will choose to say no to this greater love throughout eternity?

Do you see the absurdity of that position? The odds at the worst casino in Las Vegas are far, far better than the odds that you will say no to the deepest love, to the greatest grace and to the goodness that your soul is born of and is ever drawn too. Your return to perfect love is inevitable. Why not relax and release into it now?

During these Christmas holidays, choose a place of high consciousness, crystal-clear awareness and perfect willingness to see and to understand and to accept all that is reflected back to you from every relationship around you. Bless this Christmas time with the gift of loving awareness so that it is only the healing grace of God that you see in every expression around you.

Remember that Christmas is set at the Winter Solstice. December 21st is the day the season turns. The sun has been diminishing, smaller day by day, since its peak in summer. This is the day that the light begins to grow again. This is the day the sun begins to return.

This is the time, when the sun has been at its’ smallest, when new light, when new life, when a new sun, the consciousness of the new Son, is reborn within you!

Prophets have said, “As above so below.” As in heaven, so on earth. As seasons turn, the season of your soul turns too. This time of darkness, of cold, of longer nights and deeper darkness, is the perfect time for introspection. It is perfect time to take within all that has come to you throughout the year, and especially, all that is present now. To take all this within, to listen, to see, to feel, to intuit, to contemplate and to find new places of self-realization.

It is self-realization that the light of the new sun brings to us. This light of self-realization is the very same light of love, the very same grace of heaven, the very same warmth that the loving light of God brings. Bring the most loving, the most conscious, the most compassionate awareness to every relationship around you.

Be willing to see more deeply and more clearly through your fears, through the wounds, the hardships and the difficulties that you have experienced. Whatever is your pain, those around you have its equal in the form, in the shape, in the particular qualities that are precisely formulated to bring them into their own deeper place of loving consciousness. The have their own deeper place of compassion, of generosity and their own sacred journey to find their choices of love.

Choose to fill your perceptions, your thoughts and your heart with the grace of God. God’s grace is the light, the warmth, the return of love that is celebrated, welcomed and embraced on this holy day.

We offer help and assistance to you as you go about your holiday activities. We will be with you step by step and in every place of gifting, every place of celebration, every place of interaction with friends, family and community. Remember that we walk with you.

We are also with you in every place of difficulty during this season. We are with you when you feel disappointment, when a relationship, event or experience during this holiday season does not meet your expectations. We are with you when you feel disappointment, when you feel you are not receiving the love, the respect or the kindness you wish for. We are with you in whatever place of lack you feel. We are with you there to help guide you to what is to be realized within your own self-awareness and to guide you back the universal, unconditional and complete love that God gives to you.

Every place you feel a pain, a fear, a disillusionment in yourself or in others, is a place that is ready receive the pure, unconditional light and love of God. It is a place that you can release into our loving hands and into our loving grace for we will help you – as far as you allow us to – into your own self-realization of your choice of love.

The grace of God is not conditional. You may receive the good grace of God simply by choosing to do so. God’s love for you is truly unconditional. God’s grace and care for you is not based upon your past thoughts and actions. This moment now may be fully opened into the loving grace of God by your choice to accept God’s invitation which is always extended to you.

This pure and perfect love is all-encompassing. It is like the sun that shines on the earth bringing light and warmth to everyone, every place, everywhere. Total and complete love for you has been present since before your birth, is present throughout your life and will meet you when you leave this life.

Keep this in your awareness this season and you will find deeper compassion, deeper understanding, deeper forgiveness and much greater willingness to be with the true spirit of Christmas.

The true spirit of Christmas is generosity. Not the generosity of material gifts and presents, but the generosity of your own loving presence. Give more of your own loving presence and less of the token presents this year. Yes, there is pleasure in enjoying material gifts, but what is remembered, what lasts, is the presence of the loving soul giving love generously and unconditionally to another. This presence lasts for all time. This presence, you will carry with you beyond this life. This presents lives on in a loving legacy that flows from generation to generation.

You remember such a loving presence from your childhood. A grandmother, grandfather, an uncle, an aunt, a member of your extended family, someone who saw you as you truly are and met you and greeted you with this recognition. Someone knew you deeply and loved you, encouraged you and connected you to some good place within yourself, and through their recognition, reinforced your own awareness of the goodness within you.

This is the highest gift of Christmas giving: to see the goodness in another, to recognize, acknowledge and reflect this goodness back to them. This can be done with a loving look, a kind gesture, a warm embrace, a few words of encouragement, or an expression that is as rich and elaborate as you wish. Trust though, the simple expression of this recognition, trust this recognition and realize that we are all members of one family and all loved by our Creator.

Call upon us for we do serve you and are willing to help you. We will help you to find this place of loving generosity, of kind spirit, of authentic compassion and of true joy. Fill yourself with this loving spirit of Christmas. Fill yourself to the brim, let this spirit flow through you, let it fill you to overflowing to those around you.

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of the light rising and the dawning of a loving consciousness that is truly unlimited. If you will but allow yourself to be a vessel, fill yourself first, then overflow, you will find your holidays to be truly holy and be filled with loving presence.

All blessings to you for a wondrous holiday season. Our present to you is our loving presence – welcome us and embrace us as we welcome and embrace you. All blessings to you!

The Christmas Angels

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