Angel sessions make gift giving a forever experience!

Precious messages from the Angels can be the gifts you give this year for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays… Christopher Dilts works with you to bring you into closer contact with your Angels. He has been helping people connect with their Angels for over 9 years with great success (see testimonials), and is renowned for the clarity, comfort, and transformation his sessions bring. In a one hour session, he will give a richly detailed and meaningful Angel reading specifically for you or your loved one. Angels will answer any question with love! Sessions are one hour long, and are held either in person or by telephone. During an Angel session, Christopher will contact the personal angels of your loved one and offer their messages of greatest meaning and importance. He assists the individual to connect with his or her Angels to answer questions and offer guidance and comfort in areas of:

Love  •  Career  •  Finances  •  Health
Family  •  Professional  •  Situations  •  Business

Your loved one will receive a beautiful gift certificate, and a recording of the session to cherish forever.Angels wish to help us and to be working partners with us at all times. Learn more about what your Angles want you and your loved ones to know now…

“Having been present for one of Christopher’s most powerful “Angel Gatherings,” I was equally impressed by the private session we did some weeks later before another workshop I attended. The intuitive nature of his work was revelatory, to say the least!

But his gentleness was what caused me to make a gift of a series of sessions to my adult daughter who had been suffering with anxiety and depression. She told me that the four telephone sessions she did with Christopher were best gifts I had ever presented her. Though I regarded the details and outcome of their work as private, I do know that Christopher assisted her greatly in finding comfort with her Angelic sources. To anyone who wishes to make a meaningful gift to someone beloved, I wholeheartedly recommended the choice I made.”

Suzanne Hawley, Writer, Editor, Publicis;
Orange, California

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