How to Call on your Angels to Ignite your Love Life!

This is a teleclass for creating loving, soulful, heart-centered relationships. Let the Angels help you get what you really want in your love life: more fulfillment, deeper connection, more intimacy and a truly uplifting heart-centered partnership.

In this upcoming Angel Circle you will learn to call on your Angels specifically for assistance with your Love life. Who better to help you open your heart to give and receive love than your Angels who were created from the Love of Creator?

This is also a wonderful opportunity to join with the power of group intention, invocation and spirit to call upon the miracles of love to pour into your life and the lives of all around you. We continue to get many calls, cards and emails about how helpful these circles are and they do give a boost to your individual meditations and prayers.

If you already have a soul mate, you’ll take the next step in deepening your spiritual and emotional connection with your beloved. The Angels hold the perfect form of each relationship and can help you adjust your patterns of relating and expand your capacity to love so that you can experience maximum joy in your love relationship. The Angels also help us to unravel the knots of difficulty that appear in every loving, committed relationship. They help us to see the underlying opportunities for growth and expansion in what appear to be problems and blocks.

If your soul mate is not with you now, you’ll learn to partner with the Angels to call in your perfect partner who will complement your own unique qualities, gifts, and personal attributes. You’ll get help with handing this process over to the Angels – striking a balance between asking for what you want and letting a higher power create what’s best for you – best for you beyond your current imagination.

Let your Angels help you maximize the universal laws of magnetic attraction – the attractive forces that your chakras, and your consciousness, send out as your calling card to the universe.

Your Angels will also help you shift your perceptions about loving and being loved; allow your Angels to help you raise your consciousness and give you a view from a higher altitude where unconditional love, balance, harmony and soul-aware intimacy reign. The Angels show us the power of opening our hearts and minds to the greater awareness we receive from the wisdom of love.

If you’d like more information, please contact us or schedule Christopher for an event today!

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