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Be in the Company of Angels…
Angel Messages
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Learn more about what your Angels want you to know now… Angel Sessions with
Christopher are in-depth, personal, and get to the heart of presenting issues.
Gift Sessions

An Angel Session is a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Recipients get a
beautiful gift certificate and a recording of their personal Angel Session to
cherish forever. Take advantage of special holiday offers!

Evening programs or weekend workshops are available for groups small and
large, and can be designed to fit the unique focus and needs of your group.

Speaking Engagements

Bring the gifts of the Angels into an event, fair/expo, or panel discussion in your
area…Christopher is available for public speaking engagements on a wide
variety of topics.

Angel Parties

Host an intimate party, receive personalized Angel messages for your family and
friends, and learn how to connect with the Angels in a deeper, more meaningful
way in the comfort and privacy your own home!

Radio & TV Appearances

Know an alternative radio or TV program that would be blessed by the presence
of the Angels? Ask for a press kit and suggest Christopher as a guest!

Articles & News Columns

The Angels love to share their love and wisdom with as many people as
possible…magazines and newsletters, either print or online, are wonderful
outlets for their messages. Contact Christopher if you would like to share the
Angels’ messages in your local publications.