Are Angels Real?


I feel bitter inside, because I have these feelings inside of me for someone and it seems not to have developed in the direction I wanted it too. I don’t know if this person played with me or if he really meant it. I feel I’m losing faith and I need healing to find faith in God and in the human race. I seem not able to trust anymore, please help me to find my purpose and role in life and my self respect.

Thank you,


Dear Lukas,

While it is natural to feel bitterness over disappointment, and to even feel betrayed if commitments have been broken, it is vital to listen deeply to such difficult issues because spirit always places a gold nugget of wisdom, learning, compassion and genuine forgiveness in center of every difficult experience we encounter.

From the Angel of Release:

“…let your body, let your mind, let your entire being come into resonance with this truth: that what is, is perfect in every way no matter what you think about it. Release yourself from this self-imposed suffering that it be other than what it is. Release yourself from your illusions. Release yourself from your attachments. Call upon me, call upon all Angels, call upon all vessels of divine light and divine love to help you, to assist you, to work with you to see truly, to experience truly, to perceive truly…”  (read this entireAngel Message)

From your Guardian Angel:

“Lukas, it is time for kind and compassionate self-reflection. Let go and release your bitterness, even if only for a little while, so that you can contemplate, with a clear mind and clear feelings, the deeper meaning of this experience. Your Angels act with the Grace of God at all times on your behalf. We understand, and even feel your pain. We truly understand the hurt and heartache such experiences engender. Yet, no hurt is without purpose – it is all part of a divine plan, or divine dance, if you will, between your soul and your present state of consciousness.

The point of pain is to stretch your thinking, beliefs, awareness, sense of purpose and sense of self. The point o f every difficult experience is to learn something new, deep and important about yourself. To find the gold nugget within the lump of coal. No pain comes that does not also contain within it an important key something that is vital for you to understand.

Find forgiveness and release your difficult thoughts and feelings. Forgiveness does not mean you condone improper behavior, simply that you release your own hard feelings and emotions so that you can feel whole, healed and go forward in the best way possible.

The point of pain also is to turn our attention inward, not outward. Inward towards higher awareness, not outward in the form of hostile thoughts and feelings about another -remember that a negative thought towards another does real harm but also cause ten times the harm to yourself! Thus, release and forgive if only for your own sake!

This is actually an opportunity for you to learn more about trust. How trust, when, where, why, who and how much, and under what circumstances. Remember that trust is not an all or nothing quality – it is degrees and is situational too.

What can you learn about trust from this experience? What elements of trust need more study and research?

Angels can help you know about how to use the quality of trust in many different ways if you will let them. Angels are fully trustworthy and can be your steadfast friends.

Expand your experience and understanding of trust and intend that you will be more aware, more perceptive, and more receptive to your Angels as you go forward!” -Your Guardian Angel

Lukas, remember that life gives the test first and the lesson after. The lesson is never negative so keep working on through until you get to the positive answer – the gold – that this experience holds for you. When you get there, you will feel authentic forgiveness and genuine appreciation for your life and situations.

Best Wishes and Angel Blessings!

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