Guardian Angel same as Spirit Guide


Is a guardian Angel the same thing as a spirit guide? What is my spirit guide’s name? Do we have more than one “guardian angel”? Thanks! – Deborah


Dear Deborah,

A Guardian Angel is a specific type of “Spirit Guide.” Sprit Guide refers to a general category of beings who are in soul, or spirit form and not in physical form. Guardian Angels are direct expressions of the loving thoughts of God sent to us to watch over us and help us. They are pure love and bring to us only what will help us, guide us, protect us and encourage us to aspire to the very best qualities of our soul.

Guardian Angels are with us before our conception, when we, too, are in soul form. They accompany us through birth and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in life. Guardian Angels are committed to us for the entire journey of our life – they never leave us and we are their only occupation. They will be with us when we leave this life and when we are, again, a soul in heaven.

Everyone I have ever met has had at least two Guardian Angels and often more. Talk to your Guardian Angels even before you know their names. Practice communicating with them and have patience. If you practice sensing, listening, envisioning, imagining and consciously intending to have lucid dreams with your Guardian Angels, you will sense them ever more clearly and eventually hear, sense or know their names.

Saint Augustine said, “Make friends with Angels.”

Treat your Guardian Angels just as you would your dearest, most loving friends. Take your time and gradually build your relationship with them. Remember that when you take one step toward them, they take 10 steps to you!

There are 3 Guardian Angles with you as I write this and they are also helping co-ordinate other ‘Angel teams’ that are helping you with several aspects of your life. Welcome them as allies who will help you in every part of your life.

Best Wishes and Angel Blessings!

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