Happy with Boyfriend


Please guide me to a happy, healthy relationship with my boyfriend! – Julia


Dear Julia,

There is a Jewish proverb that says: “Over every blade of grass there is an Angel whispering, “Grow, grow!”

There are also always one or more Angels looking over every relationship we have and offering guidance, help and healing that our relationships can grow into greater love.

Our Angels always help us to find the highest place of love in our relationships. They celebrate the joy, happiness and loving spirit of our relationships and are always present to guide us on the path to deeper love.

They also remind us that the challenges and difficulties that we face when truly loving another person are the very gateways that we must walk through on our journey to perfect love. They know that the pain and difficulty we sometimes face in our relationships are sometimes necessary for our growth into understanding and experiencing our next place of greater love.

They ask you to embrace every experience that you have with you boyfriend as a mirror reflection of the places in your heart that are open and flowing with love, and also, as a mirror reflection of every place that is ready for a new understanding within your self of the nature of love.

You Angels guide you center of heart and want you to know that your soul is made of pure love and encourage you to let this shine through your heart. They also remind you that are hearts are never truly broken over love – that what breaks away, even when very painful, are really just the less mature illusions about love, blockages, resistance, and misunderstandings.

The feeling of a breaking heart, is truly the breaking away of old fear, thoughts, beliefs and misunderstandings that are in the way of our receiving the unconditional love that that is intended for everyone of us.

You can call upon the Angel of your relationship and simply ask for help, guidance, assistance and healing on all levels. Practice this daily, just a few minutes will do, and when you do this, completely release all your thoughts, feelings, expectations and outcomes. Simply place the relationship in the hands of your Angels and let go – even a few minutes of this will produce amazing results!

Trust your Angels to help you and remember they are helping your boyfriend as well. They remind you that it is in the journey into greater love, not the destination, that opens the power of love in your life.

I recommend you read “”7 Steps to help you connect with your Angels” at How to Connect with Your Angels and follow this steps as you ask your Angels for help.

All Angel Blessings to you and your boyfriend.

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