Friendship Angel Mihr

9l Mihr - RelationshipPhoto of Friendship Angel Mihr by Angel Blessing – Kimberly Marooney

Friendship Angel Mihr (Mer) is the angel of friendship, love and divine mercy. Mihr watches over group relationships including our personal family, business family, network of friends and favorite organizations. As a social architect, Mihr’s job is to bring together people in groups of three or more who can combine their talents and interests to further some form of progress on Earth. These associations can be based on self-understanding and mutual appreciation as well as service orientation for the accomplishment of a certain task.

If you have not found such a group, ask Mihr to lead you to one. Then be open for a response, often in a way that you do not expect. Mihr brings people together who have similar life aspirations. Seemingly inconspicuous meetings may build a momentum of energy and service that brings lasting change.

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