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Publicity Resources

Suzanne Hawley, Publicist

Anandra George, Assistant
(510) 842-6435

Articles for print/online publications

Visit the Angel Messages page to view articles available for submission to print or online newsletters, magazines, or other publications. Christopher reserves all copyrights but is happy to share the messages of the Angels with as many people as possible! Please contact him to verify permission to submit your favorite Angel Message, or to choose from additional messages.

Angel Columns for print/online publications

Christopher is available to write a regular column entitled “Ask an Angel.” Contact him to ask for a sample column.

Flyers & News Releases

Kindred Spirits events in Claremont May 14 & 16 “Connecting with your Angels” and “Manifesting with your Angels”. Click here to download.

Learning Light Foundation events in Anahiem, May 20 &22

“Connecting with your Angels” and “Manifesting with your Angels” Click here to download.

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